Saturday, December 24, 2011

What If…? – What If Matt Murdock Had Died? – Ryan K Lindsay


When a radioactive isotope smashes into your face, you’re probably going to die a horrible death. In this world, Matt Murdock last a few months in the hospital, blind, scared, sad, and then he passes away.

Jack Murdock struggles to go on, alone.

1. Fogwell’s Gym is relatively busy, there are plenty of people there, but Jack Murdock is alone amongst it all. You could show this with colour or an inset border. Make sure he’s isolated. He’s standing at a punching bag, perhaps have him on one side of it, and everyone else on the other side of it doing their thing.

2. Jack finishes the tape on his hands.
Caption: So I’m just gonna keep on punching?

3. Jack stands in front of the bag, we look at him from behind. He’s a hulk of a man but he looks defeated.
Caption: I’m gonna punch everything and that’s gonna fix somethin’?

4. Jack stands, ready to lay the first punch on, his fists up.
Caption: Even I’m smart enough to doubt that.

5. Jack punches the bag.
Caption: But not smart enough to know the other options.

6. Bare hands, small kid’s hands, grab the bag on the other side.
Lester: Need a spotter, mister?

I like Jack Murdock as a character. I actually like him a lot. I’d love to write him. This was a fun page, I got his voice in my head. Hopefully that comes across.

Also, astute Hornheads will note that name in Panel 6. I figure from here we either have Jack take young ‘Lester’ under his wing and they both become something better in the absence of Matt or Jack discovers ‘Lester’s’ tendencies and must put a stop to him. I kind of like the first one better. Maybe even build a Yancy Street gang out of ‘Lester,’ Elektra, Foggy – nah, that’s a terrible idea.

Oh, ‘Lester’ is Bullseye’s name, for those still uncertain and too lazy to get their google fu on.


  1. I like this page. It'd be an interesting read too. You'd get to play with all the 'throw the fight' stuff without Matt around (but with 'Lester' there instead).

    The page gives us a good look into Jack's mindset with relatively few words with a nice twist at the end.

    Good show!

  2. The more I think about this page, the more I like it and wish I could read more about it. :-)

  3. Damn cool page. Emotion and simplicity - what comics should be full of.

    I gotta say, I was kind of hoping that 'Lester' was simply a figment of Jack's imagination. A coping mechanism if you will. But hey, I could dead with a bruiser Bullseye.

  4. @ Ben: I think a Bullseye raised to be a hero might actually be more like a 616 version of Ultimate Hawkeye, if I spend much time thinking about it...

  5. Great stuff... I even like the revised Yancy Street Gang idea.


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