Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why The North Pole?

It’s a merry time of year and we should celebrate by visiting a merry place in this world.

The thoughtballoons wagon doesn’t stop, not even for the gift giving season, and so our gifts to you this week are some one page comic scripts straight from the North Pole. We Tenures don’t like to slow down for anything and so this week we’re still hard at work. Either that or we scheduled our scripts days ago and we’re sitting in a beach house with our loved ones kicking back and relaxing. It’s always one or the other, isn’t it?

Last year, we did Santa Claus and it was a lot of fun, so this year we’ve picked another festive treat. All our scripts will involve the North Pole and that’s about the only parameter to be met. It’s snowy, it’s cold, it may or may not house a slave laboured fat man who can travel faster than the speed of light and who watches you all year round, and it’s a place none of us have been, Well, I haven’t been there and I assume my friendly tenured pals are just as unsure of this location.

What the hell is Wonder Woman holding?
Socks do not have reservoir tips!
What really is at the North Pole? Well, that’s just something we’ll have to make up. I’m sure we’ll cook up some decidedly nasty ideas, as well as some saccharine slush, to get us through to 2012.

We wish you a merry Xmas, all the way from the magnetic north, and we’ll see you all in the new year ready to make with the words. As always.

Thanks for sharing 2011 with us, it’s been a roller coaster ride for us all, and I hope everything only trends upwards as we get past the next end of the world.



    We open on a WIDE PANEL, the snowy vista of the North Pole. A blizzard rages.

    In the foreground is the frozen corpse of a Nazi soldier, dressed in winter gear. The swastika on his uniform serves a contrast to the endless white around it. Directly below the swastika is another symbol, that of the Ahnenerbe:

    A trail of equipment and more dead soldiers lead towards the background of the panel and the entrance to some kind of structure, something man made. It could be a temple or a monument. The architecture is hard to make out, obscured by the blizzard.

    The captions on the page are shown in the form of excerpts from Doctor Kriegler’s journal.

    CAPTION (JOURNAL): February 1945. The Reich is dying. We may be it’s last hope.
    And so we search for a sanctuary. A sanctuary inside the earth itself.
    Findings from Schafer’s expedition in Tibet gave us our start.
    But we’ve already lost so much.

    KRIEGLER (FROM STRUCTURE): I think we found it.

    CUT TO a stone chamber somewhere inside the structure and two men looking into CAMERA. On the left of the panel is SS-Untersturmfuhrer WEISS. He’s in his early 40’s, pockmarks running down his right cheek with a shock of red hair peeping out from under his helmet. He’s holding a flaming torch and wearing winter gear. He has the same symbols on his uniform as the corpse in the first panel.

    To his left is DOCTOR KRIEGLER. Kriegler is in his mid fifties, tall and imposing with bird-like features, a set of octagonal spectacles perched on the end of his nose. He wears the same gear and symbols as Weiss but lacks his military bearing.

    Behind the two men, in the background of the panel, are a small group of Nazi soldiers all holding torches and peering towards the two men curiously.

    WEISS: Are you sure Herr Kriegler?

    KRIEGLER: It’s Doctor Kriegler.
    What else could this be?

    CUT TO a CLOSE UP on the Nazi soldiers. They all look exhausted and on edge.

    CAPTION (JOURNAL): Weiss doubts me. He has lost many of his men. But I feel we are close.

    CUT TO, a CLOSE UP of the wall in front of Kriegler and Weiss. Kriegler’s hand brushes away snow from the wall, revealing writing carved into the stone underneath.

    The engravings look foreign and strange, even to Kriegler.

    It’s Tiberien Hebrew.

    KRIEGLER: The markings, they are not-

    WEISS: It’s Hebrew.

    CUT TO a MEDIUM CLOSE UP of the two men as they back away slightly, confused.

    KRIEGLER: How do you-

    WEISS: We all have our secrets, Doctor.

    KRIEGLER: What does it say?

    CLOSE UP on WEISS, a look of horror and realisation spreading across his face.

    WEISS: Shoel.

    KRIEGLER (OFF): What’s wrong man?

    CUT TO a WIDE PANEL of the engravings. A huge crack has suddenly appeared in the stone splitting the writing in two and running right down the middle of the panel. The crack spits out stone and smoke.


    CAPTION (JOURNAL): I believe in the Reich.

    WEISS: Shoel. A place for the dead. Those who have passed.
    Awaiting the resurrection.

    CAPTION (JOURNAL): I believe we will find what we are looking for.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. "The North Poll"

    Set-up: Harry the elf has finally had enough of Santa's rule and decides it's time for a change. After giving a rousing speech to his fellow elves in Santa's Workshop, he stands up on a soapboax...

    PAGE ???

    Panel 1) Full-page spread. Looking up on Harry, who is determined, holding up his fist triumphantly. Santa and other elves in the background, shocked.

    HARRY: It's time for a new Father Christmas! Who's with me?


    Yes, the title's deliberate :P Just a fun idea about an elf who decides to run for Father Christmas. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  3. @Dan - I am constantly amazed at the detail and research that you put into your scripts. Makes me go all research-y.
    A tight script Dan. Sure, a little long in the descriptions but I don;t mind that at all.

    @J.D - HA! I love puns.

  4. Here we have two extremes - Dan's expertly researched, intrigue-packed, densely detailed opener... and JD's one gag punch page.

    I enjoyed them both. Happy Time of Year to you both!


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