Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why Nova?

Somewhere along the mid-2000's, someone at Marvel decided that the company should do a space-themed event series. It would include almost all of the companies cosmic heavy hitters. Popular characters like Galactus, Silver Surfer and Thanos showed up on it, but there was also some oddball choices and C-list characters.

One of them was Nova, also known as Richard Rider, who had his last solo series years ago and was in the popular-at-the-time New Warriors, but not much else. Under the dexterous hands of Keith Giffen and the duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, in the pages of Annihilation and later his most recent solo series, Nova flourished into a much more interesting character: a seasoned war horse that left his wide-eyed days in the past, but with a sense of humor nonetheless. His rise in status is perhaps summed up best by the time he ripped out Annihilus entrails from the inside, effectively ending a threat that killed millions of beings in the universe.

Nova went on to live a long and productive life as a space cop. That is, until (Spoilers from years ago) Richard died. A new one has recently showed up, but he is going to be written one by Jeph Loeb, so perhaps the dead one is better off.

So, in short, expect to see many space adventures, explosions, and "Blue Blazes!" this week.


  1. Nova died? When did that happen? At the end of his series?

    You forgot to mention he's gonna be a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  2. @ Ivan - Read Thanos Imperative. He's not necessarily dead per say, since they didn't see a body, but it's the safe assumption for the time being.

  3. I have ZERO experience with Nova apart from one issue of Annihilation and an old school issue of his solo series that I strangely found in a pile whilst sifting through some back issues yesterday.

    Anyway, here goes:

    PAGE 1

    We OPEN on RICHARD RIDER and his brother, ROBBIE playing a game of pool. Both are in civilian clothes, jeans and t-shirts. This scene is set just before Richard became Nova. A simpler time.

    We're in a well lit pool hall and we can see other games going on around them. Robbie is holding the cue and stands by the table, concentrating. Richard stands just behind him.

    RICHARD: It's all about picking your shot.

    ROBBIE: Yeah, I know-

    CUT TO a MEDIUM CLOSE shot of Robbie wearing the Nova Corps uniform. Around him we can see the vacuum of space. He looks at CAMERA, a familiar look of concentration across his face.

    These space scenes are set in present day.

    RICHARD (CAPTION): You have to wait for the right moment.

    CUT TO a CLOSE UP on the pool table as Robbie takes his shot. The cue ball hits a striped ball, sending it into a coloured ball that now shoots straight towards a corner pocket.


    RICHARD (OFF): See! Nothing to it.

    CUT TO space again and a CLOSE UP of Robbie, his face filling the panel, his eyes closed.

    RICHARD (CAPTION): You're getting the hang of it.

    CUT TO the pool hall. Robbie looks pleased with himself. He goes to pass the cue back to Richard.

    Richard holds his hands up and backs away slightly, smiling at his brother.

    ROBBIE: Thanks. Here-

    RICHARD: No--

    CUT TO space and an EXTREME CLOSE UP on Robbie, just his eyes (now open) in the panel.

    RICHARD (CAPTION): It's your shot.

    CUT TO a WIDE PANEL. Robbie floats in space, his back to CAMERA. His arms float out from his sides slightly, cosmic energy beginning to build and crackle around him.

    Ahead of him are two moons and a small planet, all aligned much like the balls on the pool table in the second panel.

    Behind the small planet is a huge vortex, a cosmic tear in space.

    RICHARD (CAPTION): Remember what I said.
    Pick your shot. Then take it.

  4. @ Dan: It's a nice idea, even if I'm having a hard time buying Nova being powerful enough to push planets and moons around like pool balls.

  5. Yeah I fudged his power set slightly and went for the pretty.

    I just couldn't think of anything else that would tie in visually.

    More coffee may have been needed.

  6. @Dan - I dig this page. You're shooting for the moon (if you will).

    I like the interplay, this is pretty well executed - though I think I got confused between Robbies and Richards in space...


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