Monday, January 2, 2012

Apocalypse - Dear Mr Davis - Ben Rosenthal

1. An old, bald man sits on a couch, a pre-prepared meal sitting on his lap. The man watches the tv in front of him as he feeds himself from the plastic tray.

2. The same room as in Panel 1, but the man is now walking out of the room with the aid of a walking stick.

3. A long hallway, with the man halfway down.

4. A smaller panel, showing the old man’s spotted and wrinkled hand reaching for a door knob.

5. The door is open. We are looking into the room. It is full of scientific looking things. In the middle is what appears to be Apocalypse. However, it is nothing but a suit. The Apocalypse suit is open from the side.

6. A tight shot of the old man. He is smirking evilly.

Look upon your future, and tremble.

This tale is dedicated to one Alan Davis. The man who, at the turn of the last century decided that the best way to have the epic battle between Apocalypse and the X-Men play out was to reveal that Apocalypse was nothing but an old man in a robot suit.

I still have not forgiven Mr Davis.


  1. I never read that story and don't know if it's been retconned since, but it certainly makes Apoccy a more interesting character. Nicely paced script, Ben.

  2. It wasn't good. It wasn't good at all.

  3. Well, it looks good to me. ;p

  4. Sorry Ben, since I didn't read the original story, this made no sense to me.


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