Thursday, January 5, 2012

Apocalypse - For the Girl Who Has Everything - Matt Duarte

Apocalypse in "For The Girl Who Has Everything" by Matt Duarte

Panel 1

Description: The members of Generation Hope are under attack. They are scrambling behind cover in the outside of Utopia. Velocidad is running past Hope, who is taking cover behind a rock formation.

VELOCIDAD: To be fair, a supervillain attack is EXACTLY what I expected would happen in your birthday

HOPE: I don't even know this guy! Look, we'll distract him while you and Teon just try to flank his position.

Panel 2

Description: Apocalypse is walking in the direction of where the remaining members of Hope's team are. He is using Celestial technology to now hold Teon and Velocidad in the air. Both of them are hovering mid-air behind him.

APOCALYPSE: Sending children to fight me? You truly are Cable's daughter.

HOPE: What do you want here?

Panel 3

Description: Using the same technology as before, Apocalypse is now holding all the members of Hope's team in the air. He has also grabbed Hope by the neck.

APOCALYPSE: I am merely delivering a gift for you. A chance for you to rejoin your father in the footnotes of history of those who once defied the mighty Apocalypse.

APOCALYPSE: Happy birthday, messiah. I give you oblivion.

Panel 4

Description: A close up on Hope's face. She is seething in anger. In her eyes, we can see the outline of a fiery bird, burning with the fury of a sun.

HOPE: Burn.

Panel 5

Description: Apocalypse has been decimated to ashed. The members of Hope's team are back on the floor, looking at Hope with a mix of horror and awe. Hope looks calm and collected, looking around.

HOPE: Huh, he seemed tougher than he was.

The End
(with apologies to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons)

1 comment:

  1. What a strange pairing to make...

    I would have gone for a splash page of Hope with the fire opposite Apocalypse and through captions shown he was back, and for her, and she was pissed. But you know me, I'm a caption sort of guy.


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