Sunday, January 1, 2012

Apocalypse - Not Now! - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Times Square, New York: New Year’s Eve. The crowds have gathered for the countdown.

CAP: 10… 9… 8…

CAP (Apocalypse): All else has been distraction.

Panel Two.

High above the square, Apocalypse looks down on the festivities from the balcony of a penthouse apartment. He appears smug and self-satisfied.

CAP: 7… 6… 5…

Apocalypse: I have bided my time, distracted myself with petty squabbles and insignificant campaigns… all because I knew this day was coming.

Panel Three.

Close on Apocalypse, grinning, victorious.

CAP: 4… 3… 2…

Apocalypse: The Mayans, the Celts, the Hopi… Sybil, Nostradamus, Ozymandias…

Apocalypse: All the prophets foretold...


Panel Four.

A stunned Apocalypse looks down at a steaming great hole in the middle of his chest.

CAP: 1…

Apocalypse: My... greatest...

Panel Five.

Apocalypse collapses to the ground. Behind him stands Deadpool, holding a ridiculously huge gun in one hand… and a folded open copy of Marvel Previews in the other. Smoke pours from the barrel of the gun.

Apocalypse: ...victory.

Deadpool: Know where I go to read the future? This here magazine.

Deadpool: Know who it says is gonna die this year?

Panel Six.

Apocalypse’s point of view. Deadpool leans over him, holding the copy of Marvel Previews open to a black page with the word ‘Dead’ written on it, half of Deadpool’s logo. He’s pointing to the advert, explaining why Apocalypse had to die.

Deadpool: Looksie…

Deadpool: So the end of the world’s postponed – least until everyone’s had a chance to buy my black bagged, New York Times-spoilered death issue. Y'hear me, Spocky-Lips?

Deadpool: No one. Else. Dies.


  1. Deadpool. Spider-Man reference. Aw Rol, for me? You shouldn't have :)

  2. Thanks, Ben. I didn't consciously use "No one else dies" as a Spidey ref, more a ref to that old cliched action movie thing of the hero saying that with a grim, determined expression just when all else seems lost. But, yeah, Deadpool was for you.

  3. Great page, Rol. Topical and funny.


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