Friday, January 27, 2012

Harry Osborn - Are You Ready? - Dan Hill

Page One- Six Panels

We open in the kitchen of the Osborn family home and a TIGHT SHOT on a worried looking HARRY OSBORN. Harry is wearing casual winter clothes, a jacket, a scarf, etc.

VOICE (OFF): Ready!

Harry crouches down slightly, talking directly into CAMERA.

HARRY: You sure? You got everything?

CUT TO a CLOSE UP of little NORMIE OSBORN looking up at Harry. Normie is dressed in a Devil costume (something like this He smiles a wide toothy grin.

NORMIE: All set.

ZOOM OUT a little to reveal that Normie has a small pumpkin tucked under his arm, a devilish looking visage carved into its surface. Normie’s eyes are wide as he suddenly remembers something.

NORMIE: Oh, wait! Wait!

CLOSE UP on the pumpkin’s features.

NORMIE (OFF): I forgot my mask.

CLOSE UP on Harry, putting on his best fake smile for his son.

NORMIE (OFF): Do I need my mask?

HARRY: No, it’s okay. You all set?


  1. At first glance it is just a solid character piece of father and son sharing a moment. This in itself is a great character study of Harry, who has had an awful relationship with his own father. It shows connection and growth with in Harry's character as he tries to do better for his son.

    Then we get to that final panel and the dialogue just kills me, that direct question about a mask and Harrys answer is glimpse into a man who has moved on from his past as the Goblin, Normie doesn't need a mask and neither does Harry.

    Damn Dan this page kicked ass.

  2. Yeah, this is great work Dan. Can't say much more than what has already been said by Shaun. Good work duder!

  3. I always liked the idea that little Normie was another Osborn Psycho in waiting. It's been ignored in recent years so I'm happy to see you revisit it, Dan.

  4. Whoa. Solid stuff, Dan. This page can be taken so many different ways, and I love them all.

  5. This is one wickedly creepy page. Yikes. Dialogue well metered out.


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