Friday, January 27, 2012

Harry Osborn – Clones of His Own - MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: NORMAN OSBORN sits at a desk in a dark room. The only light illuminating him comes from the set of massive computer screens sitting in front of him. When it can be seen, the details on the screen make it clear that the project it is concerned with is creating a clone of HARRY OSBORN.

Standing next to OSBORN a messy-looking cyborg version of MILES WARREN – as if he used to be a well-assembled clone but has since had several pieces replaced with machine parts. He pushes a button on OSBORN’s desk.

CYBORG WARREN: The current results for Clone Number 93 point two.

Panel 2: Close up on NORMAN OSBORN’s eyes as he glares at the data.

Panel 3: NORMAN OSBORN turns away from the screen and waves his arm back in a ‘scrub it’ motion.

NORMAN OSBORN: Unacceptable. Scrap it and try again.

Panel 4: CYBORG WARREN looks at the data on the screen.

CYBORG WARREN: The results are a near perfect match for the parameters you set.

NORMAN OSBORN: Near perfect match.

Panel 5: NORMAN OSBORN Stands and points at the screen.

NORMAN OSBORN: I don’t want the replacement for my son to be near prefect and just turn out to be another disappointment.

Panel 6: CYBORG WARREN looks at the desk and taps a few buttons.

CYBORG WARREN: As an expert on cloning, I advise…

Panel 7: NORMAN OSBORN glares at CYBORG WARREN in that ‘I’m your boss, do as I say’ kind of way.

NORMAN OSBORN: And as your boss and the reason you still exist, I am ordering you to scrap number 93 point two and begin work on the next version of my son.



  1. A creepy page with a nice premise.

    I maybe would have saved the reveal of what it was Norman and Cyborg Miles were doing. But given the character this week it may have been pretty easy to see it coming.

  2. A eerie page MK, I love the feel of Frankenstein that it invokes, this true genius who is using all his knowledge and power for dark ends.

    I particular like the first two panels. The unnatural lighting of the monitor screen combined with Normans evil eyes make for a great opening.

    Personally I would have liked to have seen the final panels dialogue a little tighter, but thats just me. Perhaps the intension is to show Normans ego with longer section of dialogue.

    Solid work here though.

  3. Felt more like a Norman script than a Harry one, but I dug the concept anyway.

  4. I actually love the way you've used Harry here. A damn interesting thought for a page. Nice.


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