Monday, January 23, 2012

Harry Osborn – The Next Best Thing – Ryan K Lindsay


1. Full width panel, as all will be on this page. Harry Osborn leans back against a tall fence in a suburban street. We’re tight in on him, the rain comes down around him, his face is cast down, he’s glowering. He wears a trenchcoat, with the collar up. Here, we see his shoulders to the top of his head – each progressive panel will pull back more, I’ll tell you how much in each one.
Caption: I cut up a picture of him when I was seven, I hated the bastard so much.
Caption: In my fury, I nearly severed a finger.

2. We now see above the head slightly, and down to mid chest. He remains in the same pose.
Caption: Years later, in high school, Mr Myers failed me in English.
Caption: I subsequently borrowed eleven different copies of John Donne’s Collected Poems from nine libraries and burnt them all.

3. We now see a bit more above Harry and right down to his waist. It is here we see the tops of heads walking by – these are trick or treaters on Hallowe’en night. Go crazy with the tops of the masks we see – though you’d be thoughtless to not include hints to Boba Fett, Jason Voorhees, Ronald Reagan, and a lil Snake Plissken. Harry is still in the same pose.
Caption: At Empire State, I sat in on lectures for a class of which I wasn’t enrolled just to study this other blonde who looked just like her.
Caption: I eventually spoke to her – she was rude – and I had her car demolished by some unsavoury people I could never be connected to.
Caption: She may have been in the car at the time.

4. We can see down to about Harry’s knees now. The little people in costumes continue to pass by, we should see some of them from the previous panel have now moved about 4 feet in the direction they were travelling. One, dressed as Spider-Man, is entering the frame from the left. Harry still holds the same pose.
Caption: Why did I do all these things?

5. We have moved out to see Harry right down to his feet. The Spider-Man child is on the right side of the panel now and Harry has turned to start walking behind him at about 2 metres.
Caption: Practise.

Apologies if you dig Harry and think he’s a swell cat. I wanted to play with his homicidal side.

I could see John Romita Jr drawing the hell out of this page. Seriously, think about it.


  1. Of course JRJR could draw the hell out of this page. He can draw the hell out of anything.

    I'd personally like to see it drawn by his dad though. I reckon the disparity would work, and so often when Romita Sr is dragged out of retirement these days he's only given retro stuff to draw. It'd be good to see his get his hands dirty on something like this.

    Oh, and Harry is a swell cat. But he's also a nutcase waiting to crack again. It's only a matter of time. It's in his genes.

  2. That was a cracker of a page.

    The mood of the page was set from the off with the opening panel and the captions only add to that air of tension and menace.

    Great page.

  3. Wowzers, this one is a doozy, Mr. Lindsay. If this is your idea of "playing", I don't know if I want to see you when you're serious.

    For reals though, this is a great page where Harry's homicidal tendencies come through crystal clear. Gives a guy shivers to read.

  4. Wow. Nasty man.

    At first I though "No Ryan, you're writing Norman." But then it occurred to me, that's the point. Harry has fallen off the deep end, and become even more of a psycho than his father.

    Love this script. Absolutely love it.

    I think I need help.

  5. Damn Ryan that is a truly dark page and I love it. The layout of panels and that slow pull back then turning harry into this creeping stalking figure truly great use of the comic medium.


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