Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Indiana Jones – Leave No Hat Behind – Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Deep in the Peruvian jungle. Indiana Jones faces a Gestapo officer in a trenchcoat and trilby. Indie looks like he’s been through the wars – his face cut, his shirt torn, his hair dishevelled…

The Gestapo hasn’t got a scratch on him, and his trenchcoat and hat are immaculate. He has got a gun on him though: a Luger, and it’s pointed straight at Indie. Two other, lower ranking Nazi soldiers, stand behind the Gestapo, also with their weapons trained on our hero.

On the ground between them lies Indie’s famous fedora.

Nazi: You know what you are, Doctor Jones? You are a fool.

Nazi: You come all this way to steal the legendary Stone of Sachamama--

Panel Two.

Close on Indie, gritted teeth, a sly grin.

Indie: Didn’t really want it for myself. Just didn’t think you lot should have it.

Panel Three.

Close on the Nazi, smiling. Evil.

Nazi: But, see, this is what I do not get. You succeed in your quest. You outwit the Third Reich itself and somehow manage to escape with your magical little trinket.

Nazi: Your friends are probably halfway to Lima by now… and you could be with them.

Nazi: And yet you return…

Panel Four.

The Nazi crouches down, reaching to pick up Indie’s hat. He’s lowered his gun but the other two soldiers still have Indie in their sights.

Nazi: And for what, exactly…?

Nazi: For this…

Panel Five.

The Nazi has lifted Indie’s hat to reveal a deadly rattlesnake coiled up beneath it. He looks shocked by his discovery, and lets the hat go as he staggers backwards. The snake attacks.

Nazi: …hat!?!

Snake: Hissssssssss!

Panel Six.

Indie has grabbed his hat and is running away, towards us, through the jungle. Behind him, the Gestapo officer has fallen into the other two soldiers in his panicked attempt to escape the rattlesnake. Indie frowns / grimaces as he runs, almost as though he’s justifying his actions to himself, as much as to the Nazis he’s leaving behind.

Indie: I like this hat…

Indie: …and snakes are growing on me too.


  1. You got the voice and tone down to a tee.

    Nice twist on the trope involving that hat too!

    Not sure about a trenchcoat and trilby in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, mind. But those Nazi's were a strange bunch.

  2. Totally agree with Dan. Rol you nailed the voice of the character perfectly and the feel of the piece had that great light hearted big adventure feel to it.

    Also I loved the trench coat and trilby look even in the jungle, I could totally see them having the Nazis in that look in a film just because its so iconic.

    Really fun page.

  3. Love the script, just one thing annoyed the hell out of me.

    Indy. It's INDY dammit!

  4. My bad, Ben. Must make you feel good to be pulling me up on my spelling for a change though, eh...? ;-p

  5. As everyone has said, this is a really fun script, Rol. The voices are spot on and the reveal works really well.

  6. @Rol - you have no idea how much satisfaction I got from that :P

    I look forward to you ripping apart my scripts for the next few weeks :)


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