Friday, January 13, 2012

Matty Roth - Eye of the Beholder - Grant McLaughlin

Matty and Zee are lounging in Zee's apartment.  No particular point in continuity in mind.

1 - Matty is cleaning his camera lens.

CAPTION (MATTY): People generally feel that there isn't much to taking a good photo.

2 - He brings the camera up to his face, the classic picture taking pose.

CAPTION (MATTY): You just need to point and shoot, right?

3 - Pull out a bit.  Matty is aiming the camera at Zee.  She is packing her medic supplies and looking over her shoulder at Matty.  She wears an expression that is a mixture of happiness and mild exasperation.

CAPTION (MATTY): I won't argue that that's a pretty important part of it.

MATTY: Hey, Zee --


ZEE: Quit messing around, Matty.

4 - This last panel is a developed photograph.  It's at a slight angle so that it overlaps into the panel above and off of the page below.  It is the picture that Matty just took.  Zee looks towards the reader, smiling and looking genuinely happy.

CAPTION (MATTY): But I like to think there's a little more to it than that.

1 comment:

  1. Another short script with a different kind of punch.

    It's nice to see the small moments in between all the death and destruction.


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