Monday, January 9, 2012

Matty Roth - The Land of the Free - Ben Rosenthal

1. A tight shot of a pair of legs, walking through what looks to be a bombsite. Debris is everywhere, covered with dust. Think post Sept 11 level of decimation. Parts of building walls are still standing. Nothing is left alive.


They blew up the bridges a few hours ago.

2. The fees have stopped in front of what looks to be a notebook, its corner jutting out from a pile of dirt.


Some bartered their way onto ship, others just tried to swim.

2. A hand is wiping away the dust off a note pad. On the black, well used black cover are the words ‘PRESS’ scrawled on with white out.


I stayed.

3. The notebook is open as the unseen figure opens it up to the last entry. We can see the previous captions written on the pages. What would be the next caption is written on the dirty page. The next caption in the next panel is only slightly visible. Perhaps the first two words.

Notebook reads: If this is going to be the end, I’m going to see it through.

4. An aerial view of the DMZ, decimated. It has been levelled by many missiles. Nothing is left of the former Manhattan Island. The Statue of Liberty is the only structure left standing.


I can hear the planes now.


  1. Another short but powerful page. I got chills reading that last panel/caption.

    Nicely done.

  2. Ben - I'm surprised that your two best switches are slapstick and serious introspection. Makes me think of the tears of the clown...

    This page is pretty damn good. Though the Statue of Liberty remaining felt a little cliche to me. Why would it, amongst everything else, survive?

    Would this be your final DMZ page? It's pretty harsh like that - htough I'd better use it as the first page of the last issue.

    man, I cannot wait to read the end of this book.

  3. Wow, I didn't expect that kind of response. Thank you both.

    Mr Ryan - The Statue of Liberty still standing is supposed to be a cliché. But not in the way you are thinking. From what I have read of DMZ, The US are portrayed as a bunch of ego maniacal, arrogant bastards who think they are better than those in the DMZ. They use propaganda in order to turn everyone outside of the US to them. I'n the final clearing of the DMZ, I would have a very specific order given by the US to make sure the Statue stands. It is the US both sending out a warning and giving the finger to any opposing force. It standing would symbolise them reclaiming that which is theirs, but also stating "Hey, would could have taken back Manhattan any time we wanted - see, we left the Statue standing". It's left standing to remind everyone who has the power.

    I'm thinking that this would be the first page of the final arc. I left enough there for the reader to come to a conclusion as to what is to happen, but have enough holes to fill in the gaps with some things that you couldn't see happening.

    As for tears of a clown? Maybe once - not now. I have a great gift in that I can remember emotions and how they felt well.

    I'm also extremely modest. And awesome. But mostly modest.


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