Thursday, January 12, 2012

Matty Roth - OMFUG - Matt Duarte

Matty Roth in “OMFUG” by Matt Duarte

Note: Sorry, I haven't read any DMZ. Hope this doesn't go straight into the face of something established in the comic.

Panel 1

Description: Matty Roth stands in a crowd, holding his camera. We can't see many of the features of the people around him just yet.

CAPTION: Deep within the DMZ, there's a place that has remained unchanged by the upheavals going on outside.

Panel 2

Description: A photo. A bathroom is in a terrible condition, semi destroyed, with graffiti on the wall, and very unclean.

CAPTION: Precocious conditions. Wanton violence. Military boots stomping all over the place.

Panel 3

Description: Matty Roth again, taking a photo of a group of young people that seem to be in the middle of a fight, pushing each other. They are wearing ragged clothes with metal studs and tattered patches.

CAPTION: One would think that there is a war going on in here. It's not war...

Panel 4

Description: A photo. The same group from before, this time all within each other's arm, posing for a photo like the friends they are. We can see their shirts before, which sport logos of bands like Ramones, Youth of Today, Crass, Dead Kennedy's, etc.

CAPTION: It's just punk rock.

Panel 5

Description: Matty is leaving a building. Outside of it, there are more teenagers and young adults that look like the ones from the previous panels. He is waving to the doorman, who is waving back. Above him, we can see the sign that reads “CBGB”.

The End.

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  1. Despite the fact you've never read DMZ this is still a pretty good script.

    I think you captured that lo-fi, DIY tone of DMZ quite well.


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