Saturday, January 14, 2012

Matty Roth – Rules of Engagement – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: A soldier, SGT. HALLS (new character), is standing next to MATTY ROTH and handing him a rifle.

MATTY ROTH: What’s this?

SGT. HALLS: A gun, dumb-@#$

Panel 2: MATTY ROTH looks at SGT. HALLS. His face says ‘I KNOW what a gun is’.

MATTY ROTH: No, I mean…why are you giving it to me?

SGT. HALLS (1): Because I’m going to train you to use it.

SGT. HALLS (2): I’m going to teach you how to fight.

Panel 3: MATTY ROTH tries to reject the weapon, but SGT. HALLS pushes it to his chest.

MATTY ROTH: I don’t understand. I’m just a photojournalist.

SGT. HALLS: Not anymore.

Panel 4: MATTY ROTH reluctantly holds the weapon.

SGT. HALLS (1): War’s ugly. This war especially.

SGT. HALLS (2): It’s not just the USA and the FSA. There’s also the d-@&# militias and PMCs.

SGT. HALLS (3): Then there’s the gangs.

Panel 5: SGT. HALLS turns, but still looks at MATTY ROTH as he expect him to follow.

SGT. HALLS (1): Regardless of how the F’*** intellectuals try to talk about the &$#@ rules of warfare, those rules are always going to get broken.

SGT. HALLS (2): You either learn how to fight, or you forever leave yourself at the mercy of those who already do.


1 comment:

  1. Good script and the dialogue is strong too, especially Halls.

    The theme of how much a photojournalist should become involved with the 'subject' of war is a solid one too.


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