Sunday, January 15, 2012

NEW TENURE - Welcome Dan Hill

It's always a festive time when we can welcome a new Tenured writer into the thoughtballoons fold. We recently bid farewell to Maxy Barnard and Danial Carroll, and thus we have a little space to recruit. We don't need to clog our airwaves but there was one man with enough talent and consistency to immediately get the call up from us, so please welcome:


He's put a script in every week, usually quite quickly, and (one thing I love about him) he's been commenting on our scripts a lot. It also helps he often wins the week for me, he researches his work, and he just puts together damn smart and enjoyable pages. I am stunned we were able to land the man and now cannot wait to have his scripts officially crush mine in plain view up on the main page of the site.

Make him feel welcome, comment on his scripts, and rate them, and here's to one hell of a 2012.

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