Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why The Winter Soldier?

Winter Soldier #1 hits stores on February 1, brought to us from Marvel by the all-star creative team of Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice and Bettie Breitweiser, and I couldn't be more excited. The road to Bucky Barnes reclaiming the Winter Soldier mantle has been long and convoluted - see Fear Itself - but just check out those preview pages: it has been worth the wait.

Brubaker pitched the premise of his newseries in a recent Next Big Thing press conference: Bucky Barnes operating in the shadows as a Black Ops-esque soldier, delving into his past and mixing real world Soviet history with Marvel continuity.

Oh, and there'll also be some globetrotting; just in case that Soviet stuff isn't up your alley. This is espionage  in the Marvel universe, people! Sounds awesome, right?

Let's prove it.


  1. Here's my crack at it. Let me know what you think:

    Page 1 -- Five panels

    1.1 -- We see the famous image of JFK in the back of the car with his wife on the day of his assassination. He’s smiling, waving to the people watching. His wife, Jackie, is waving to the other side of the crowd.

    CAPTION: On November 22, 1963, the course of history was changed...

    1.2 -- JFK slumps down, his head lowered, seemingly in pain. Jackie is leaning toward him to see if he’s okay.

    CAPTION: ...When John F. Kennedy, President of the United States...

    1.3 -- JFK is shot through the side of his head.

    CAPTION: ...Was assassinated in his motorcade while visiting Dallas Texas.

    1.4 -- Chaos now. People on the streets are screaming and running, a Secret Service agent is pulling Jackie to safety.

    CAPTION: HIstory tells us that one shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, commited the deed, but many believe that there is a conspiracy.

    CAPTION: But one thing is true--everyone who was alive and witnessed it remembers where they were the day it happened...

    1.5 -- Different perspective of a man walking away from a grassy field, a big metal briefcase in his hand--the Winter Soldier.

    CAPTION: ...Except the man who pulled the trigger.

    1. My only problem with the script is that Ben posted basically the same script earlier today.

    2. ...Heheh. Should have read some of the first scripts then. Sorry about that. I'll try to write up something a bit more original in the next few days.

    3. I did like your final panel a lot though, that must be said. It was a cool bad ass exit.

    4. Thanks. :D

      And I think I figured out why I didn't notice that script until now--Ben had it listed as coming in on Monday, and since I follow the blog through my Google Reader, I just got it onto my feed.

  2. Jared - smoothly executed but my same problems with Ben's script go for this one. Go read there for more insight :)

  3. Jared - great minds think alike. Don't worry about Ryan though. He hates anticipation. And other things - like puppies.

  4. Winter Soldier - War Crimes

    1) Bucky has just entered his target's bedroom, only to find an unknown man standing there. He is young, handsome, with dark hair, wearing a sharp three-piece grey suit. He is smiling thinly and standing with hands out, friendly.

    CAPTION: New York City, 1960

    MAN: Winter Soldier, I believe?

    2) Bucky, aiming his pistol at the man, scans the room, intense.

    MAN (O.P.): Yes, I know all about you. People talk, when I want them to.

    3) Close-up of the man. Still smiling slightly.

    MAN: And I know all about your target. How he was a scientist for the Nazis during the war.

    MAN: I know that your friends at the KGB snapped him up afterwards, but now, what with this silly Cold War, he's ran here, to the Americans.

    MAN: You're here to make sure he keeps his mouth shut. Forever.

    4) The man is more grim now, but not intense. He is not threatening.

    MAN: But I cannot let you have him. He's mine

    MAN: You see, unlike the Soviets and the Americans... I won't simply forget the past in exchange for knowledge gained at the cost of human lives.

    5) Close on Bucky, staring at the man.

    BUCKY: Who the hell are you?

    6) Close on the man. Grinning more obviously now.

    MAN: Lensherr. Erik Lensherr. And you've got a metal arm, Winter Soldier...


  5. @Jared-- I have to chime in with the others I'm afraid and call foul on the JFK concept. I'm guilty of it myself, using it in a time travel short no less.

    @J.D-- The script has a nice 'spy movie' tone and builds to a good reveal and an interesting premise. My only negative would be that it seems at first glance a bit dialogue heavy given the amount of panels.

  6. J.D I agree with Dan it may be a little dialogue heavy, but with the wonderful feel and tone of the piece combined with that awesome reveal at the end that is a very small gripe.

  7. JD, I liked the twist. I wasn't expecting Magneto at all.

  8. Thanks for the feedback, guys! I agree about it being dialogue heavy, but what do you expect from a supervillain? ;)

    Seriously though, the original draft was 8 panels and I was like, "That's dumb." This is it trimmed down as much as I could bear. That's what I love about this site; it teaches you to be economical with your panels.

    1. Plus, I totally had Michael Fassbender in mind when writing it.

  9. Winter Solider - Click – Shaun Richens.

    1. A page wide thin panel. A sniper rifle is positioned on a table aiming out of any open window.


    2. Looking in through the open window we see a figure taking up aim behind the snipers scope.

    3. An arm leans in holding a silenced pistol to the temp of the sniper.

    4. A look of pure fear on the face of the sniper as he looks up into the eyes of his attacker, the pistol still positioned towards his head.

    5. Winter Solider (Bucky) looking down on the sniper. He seems resolved with the situation.

    * Translated from Russian.

    6. A close up on Winter Soldiers’ finger on the pistol trigger

    7. A page wide thin panel all in black accept the SFX in white.


    1. Panel 5 should read

      5. Winter Solider (Bucky) looking down on the sniper. He seems resolved with the situation.

      * Translated from Russian.

      For some reason it didn't post Buckys line first time.

  10. Barnes And Country
    by: zu

    As this is an espionage book that is based, for this scene, in England, draw in as many Queen and Country characters at this pub as you can.

    How Pete Wisdom and Bucky dress is up to you. I'm thinking neither is in their costumes, and maybe Wisdom would be in his vest/suit jacket combo, but again, that's your call.

    1.1 Pete Wisdom sits in a pub, reading the Economist, nursing a pint. Bucky, as a shadow, enters his area of vision.
    CAPTION: …that your superiors know nothing about.

    1.2 Wisdom's eyes still haven't left the magazine.
    WISDOM: James, yes?. Take a seat.
    BUCKY: Thanks.
    WISDOM: So the rumors...
    BUCKY: Most of 'em, yeah.

    1.3 Wisdom absentmindedly keeps reading the Economist, while Bucky orders a pint.
    WISDOM: And now you need someone to run an op?
    BUCKY: If it comes to that. Also, equipment. I need my arm looked at.

    1.4 Pete Wisdom arches an eyebrow.
    BUCKY: I need it done quiet and plausible deniability for my friends.
    WISDOM: Tall order, but it can be done. What am I getting into?

    1.5 Bucky pauses.
    BUCKY: The trail starts in Russia. There's more Winter Soldiers. I gotta get to them before they...

    1.6 Bucky hesitant.
    WISDOM: Get to anyone else?
    BUCKY: Yeah. ... I know I'm asking for a lot…

    1.7 Wisdom raises his pint. It's only one quarter full now.
    WISDOM: You are. And more besides. But I'll get it out of you later. Welcome to MI-13, Mr. Barnes.

  11. Zu, I like the very different approach you took to the character. It is a nice conversationally page with some really nice dialogue. Great work.

  12. Shaun - that was a simple yet really effective page and very visual.

    Zu - I like the Pete Wisdom connection and the idea of a new beginning for Bucky.


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