Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Soldier – The Cracked Mirror – Ryan K Lindsay


1. James Barnes sits at a café table. The setting is a Russian café and there is snow around. He is facing to the right, so we see him in profile on his right side. This panel is wide and covers the top of the page.
Caption: It stands to reason I’d eventually find myself.

2. These three panels are tall and evenly wide. They fill the gap between the wide panel at the top of the page and the bottom. Here we see a fat bureaucrat walking toward the café. We cannot see Barnes in this panel but the people sitting around the bottom of the panel show us he is approaching the café.
Caption: I never thought myself so precious as to believe I’d be the only one.

3. The man is closer.

4. The man is just getting to the first tables.
Caption: The odds were stacked against me.
Caption: Yet even still…

5. Malachai Nikitin sits at the same café. He faces to the left. He sips his steaming coffee and looks straight ahead.
Caption: …I never truly thought about what I would do, what I should do, in this situation.

I’d actually push to do this as a doublepage spread and have way more dialogue about this concept in a real issue but one page will suffice here.

In cooking this one up, I thought about where I’d want to take Barnes now he’s getting his own title. I figure a new Winter Soldier, one currently used by the Soviets, could be an interesting case for Barnes to have to investigate. Realistically, he’d probably need to take this guy down – and I’d make sure he did – and then you know it would weigh on his mind.

I think the idea is perhaps a little cliché but I think you could still have fun with it.

Oh, and I am definitely buying WINTER SOLDIER when it drops. cannot wait. I think Brubaker is going to absolutely nail on this one.


  1. A real lovely page. It has a swagger and cool to it. It gives Barnes that real Bond like air to him.

    Also I am totally on Winter Solider day one as well. Other than Saga it is one the titles I am most looking forward to this year.

  2. Neat idea. It reminded me a little of the Bourne Supremacy (the novel not the movie) where someone begins killing using Bourne's name-- an imposter.

    That concept tied into Bucky and the Winter Soldier program would be a great arc.

    Given the setting and dialogue too it definitely has that old school, Le Carre like vibe going on too.

  3. Every great hero needs a great villain. At the moment, Bucky has largely been defined by Cap's villains. You're right, he needs some of his own, and this would be a great start.

  4. Really nice build here, Ryan. The opening line is just clever enough for its own good, setting a nice tone for what's to come. I dig the idea, and your execution is a real winner.


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