Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Soldier- Dream A Little Dream - Dan Hill

Page One- Four Panels

WIDE PANEL. A CLOSE UP on the WINTER SOLDIER as he’s put to sleep by his Soviet masters. He floats in a glass tank, surrounded by a green liquid, an oxygen mask around his mouth. His eyes start to close.

VOICE (OFF): He’s under...*

CAPTION (JAMES): Every time I close my eyes it's the same thing. Always repeating.
Glimpses of someone I feel I used to know and a place I’ve never seen.

CAPTION: *Translated from Russian.

WIDE PANEL. CUT TO BUCKY holding onto that infamous rocket as it hurtles into the atmosphere, towards CAMERA. He's trying to hold on with all of his might. Below him we can see the rocket's trail, the frozen sea and a falling figure.

CAPTION (JAMES): There’s heat there.
Cold too.

WIDE PANEL: ZOOM IN on Bucky. His teeth are gritted, his neck muscles straining.

CAPTION (JAMES): I know somehow that he’s scared. That he’s trying to hold on.
But he can’t. He always falls.

WIDE PANEL: CUT TO another CLOSE UP of the Winter Soldier in the tank. He looks a little older this time (5-10 years). His eyes are wide open. He’s awake.

VOICE (OFF): Get him up and prepped*.

CAPTION (JAMES): But he’ll keep trying.


  1. I like the way this covers what has largely been glossed over - the majority of Bucky's life between WWII and now. The missions he was defrosted for are the exciting storytelling ops, but it's easy to forget the nightmare of constantly been woken up and put back to sleep, aware subconsciously that something isn't quite right with his existence. Nice angle, Dan.

  2. As Rol said, this is a great look into Winter Soldier's mind between the missions. The captions over the flashback works really well and feels very genuine.

  3. Great angle you took here, Dan. Something that I do not think has been explored at all. Reminds me of the 2010 Doctor Who special, where we saw The Doctor and his young friend grow older as the years progress as we looked through the eyes of a woman who only came out of stasis once a year. Really effective stuff. Unlike my run-on sentences. They're just ew.

  4. Firstly congratulations on your first page as a tenured writer Dan, and what a page to open with.

    As the other guys have already stated great angle to look at the character from and one that would be great to explore further.

    It has a wonderfully dark feel to it, Bucky, this super tough gritty fighter just being used and prepped for his next mission, defenseless for one of the first times. Great work.


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