Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Soldier – In Soviet Russia, Target Hunt You – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: WINTER SOLDIER hides behind cover somewhere in RUSSIA, weapon armed. In the background, OMEGA RED is approaching, tentacles out and ready to strike.

OMEGA RED: < Come out now and I promise not to make this more painful than it needs to be. >

WINTER SOLDIER: < Tell me how you knew I was coming and maybe I’ll comply. >

Panel 2: OMEGA RED knocks away WINTER SOLDIER’s cover with one of his tentacles. WINTER SOLDIER starts to move and brings his rifle up to aim it at OMEGA RED.

OMEGA RED: < Knew you were coming? >

Panel 3: One of OMEGA RED’s tentacles wraps itself around WINTER SOLDIER.

OMEGA RED: < I’ve been hunting you myself! >

Panel 4: WINTER SOLDIER grabs part of OMEGA RED’s tentacle with his metal ROBO-ARM OF DOOM. It starts to cause an electrical surge that starts from the hand and feeds out.

SFX: (Surge) ZxxzZ!

WINTER SOLDIER: < Is that so? >

Panel 5: The surge starts a feedback loop, which spreads out from WINTER SOLDIER’s ROBO-ARM OF DOOM and flows back to OMEGA RED, electrocuting him.



Panel 6: WINTER SOLDIER stands over a half-unconscious OMEGA RED. He has a weapon pointed down at OMEGA RED, ready to kill him if he tries anything.

WINTER SOLDIER: < Looks like I might have a reason not to kill you yet after all. >



  1. Mk the Dialogue seems to have not posted with the rest of the script? Any chance of a repost?

    However even without the dialogue the action reads really well. Its a fun one on one action movie type of battle with a cool use of winter soldiers robotic arm.

  2. A nice action page with an intriguing hook. You give good sfx too, MK.

  3. Love the sfx, MK. It's something that I always struggle with and you nail it here, providing an excellent complement to the action you've set up here. Nice.

  4. Loooooove the dialogue here. For me, it reads in semi-broken English. I don't know why, but I really enjoy that.

  5. @ Grant: As far as SFX go, I tend to go about it imagining what I think something should sound like, and then try to spell the sounds out to make a quasi-onomatopoeia out of it.

  6. Nice tip on SFX. I'll keep that advice in mind.

    I actually liked the version without the dialogue.

    But I'm weird. Solid page!


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