Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Soldier - Is It Hard? - Grant McLaughlin

Okay, so I haven't exactly read a ton of Winter Soldier-related books, so my knowledge of the character is maybe a little sketchy.  Consequently, I didn't know of a villain to fill the role necessary for this script, so I present to you Sickle, a villainous Soviet woman who worked with Hammer (now deceased) during Bucky's brainwashed time as Winter Soldier.  She has done some nefarious wrong (let's say break into the Avengers Mansion and hack their computer system or what-have-you), and he has chased her to a church.  This would take place shortly after Bucky regains his memory and the (shaky) trust of his colleagues and friends.  If it doesn't make a ton of sense in continuity, think of this as part of "Winter Soldier: Year One" or its equivalent.

Disclaimer done, this page has three rows of panels.  Row one is a single panel.  Rows two and three are comprised of three panels.

1 – Interior establishing shot. Bucky has entered the cathedral. It's big. Grand. The entire area stretches out before him, dwarfing him. It is shrouded in darkness.

SICKLE (off-panel): Is it hard?

BUCKY (whispering): Where are you...

SICKLE (off-panel): To be a devil.

SICKLE (off-panel): (2): Among angels?

2 – A stained glass window depicting Jesus forgiving some men and women. It, like everything else, is dark.

SICKLE (off-panel): Your companions have welcomed you back, mouthing words of forgiveness.

3 – Pull out a bit. The bottom of the stained glass from the previous panel is visible at the top of this panel, but the focus is on the confession booth below. Bucky is walking by it, ignoring it. His face is hidden by the darkness.

SICKLE (off-panel): But I can't imagine how much you've been sharing about all the terrible things you've done.

4 – Another stained glass window. This is definitely one of those Old Testament style ones, showing a significant amount of death and destruction. Real fire and brimstone type thing.

SICKLE (off-panel): Cities burned. Bodies broken. Lives ended.

5 – Bucky is moving towards the front of the church. His body language is tense, frustrated, and angry.

SICKLE (off-panel): You must fear what they'd do if they ever somehow found out the entire truth.

BUCKY: You can't run forever!

6 – One more stained glass window. A number of Roman soldiers march onwards, their weapons and shields at the ready. No dialogue.

7 – Bucky stands at the front of the cathedral, kneeling at the prayer bar. His face is visible for the first time. He is crying.

SICKLE (off-panel): Maybe I'm not the one who should be running.


  1. Damn that was a hot page. I too am not up with my winter solider knowledge but I loved this page, the villain was great and her dialogue was wonderful, as are the visuals of the stained glass windows.

    I say change the character from Winter Solider to one of your own and publish this book, I'd be on board.

  2. The imagery of the church was a neat touch and the villain was a great addition too and her captions/dialogue are solid.

    That said, I'm not sure I buy the last panel of Bucky crying. Also,is he a praying man?

  3. Like Dan, I'm not sure about the tears, that seems a little easy. HOWEVER, if there was one to thing to make James break down, it'd be his guilt. Brubaker has written an arc of redemption for the character but I don't believe that's yet been enough for him to put his past behind him, so this would fit well.

    On a more superficial note, I love cheesily named villains treated seriously. Hammer & Sickle rock.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll admit that the crying might have been a bit much, but I'm glad that the rest of it seems to have struck the right chord. I'm especially pleased that Sickle didn't come off as too goofy. I might have been a little squeezed for time on that part of the script.

  5. I concur with the crying, but we have covered that. I also agree with Rol - love the pun-related villain names. Although this villain seems to be one not to be taken lightly.


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