Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Solider - 1963 - Ben Rosenthal

. A crowd of people line a street in Dallas, Texas. American flags are waving, with a general buzz of excitement in the air.

CAPTION: Friday November 22, 1963. Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

2. Faces of men, women and children all happy and excited.

3. The cavalcade of cars, and the convertible carrying John F. Kennedy travels down the street.

4. Same as panel 3, however Jacquie Kennedy is holding parts of her husband’s head in her hands as she leans over him. Agent Clint Hill has climbed onto the car to see if the President is still alive (it’s the infamous scene just after JFK has been shot. I’m sure you know the one).

5. The crowd is in a panic, some running away while others lay on top of their children. In the ramble, one person speaks but we have no idea who.

WORD BALLOON: законченный.

I’m sure you know what I’m getting at here. However, my reasons for not showing the Winter Solider are purely because he wouldn’t be seen. At this stage he is a ghost, a mere rumour. Hence why I chose the legend of the second shooter.


  1. A nice idea. I like that Winter Solider is kept totally hidden. If he's that good no one should be able to spot him.

    My only issue is the famous scene being used. On one hand its great because it is so iconic and famous, but on the other hand thats the thing thats bad about it, I have seen this scene played out in so many different books and tv shows over the years it has kind of lost its impact, for me anyway.

  2. I like how hands off you played this one, Ben. The iconic imagery and virtually nonexistent text works really well for the mood you seem to be playing for. I think Shaun might be right with the Kennedy assassination being a little overcommon in the cultural zeitgeist at the moment, but if that's the case, why not one more?

  3. I gotta cry foul. The whole concept of inserting ??? character as the second shooter feels played. It's cliche by now, right?

    Yes, I'm being harsh. Your page is neatly comprised but the central element feels weak.

    I'd rather see Barnes - in a fake CIA uniform - killing the second gunman on the grassy knoll and then looking up to see shots come out of the Book Depository. Play the whole scenario like something we haven't seen or felt before.

    Oh, and I ran those words through Google Translate and they spat out "I love Ryan!" - what's up with that?

  4. I wouldn't expect anything less from you Mr Ryan. We have two different likes in the comic world. I like the anticipation, the build up and the environment it makes. To the point where I don't need the pay off.

    You just like the money shot.

    Need proof? Look at your comment for my Doctor Doom script :)

    Oh, and you didn't translate the whole thing. It spat out "I love Ryan's cock".


    As for this scene being used - I HAD to. The Winter Solider was used by the Russians. In the day after JFK was assassinated, there was fear that he was shot by the Russians as a sing that the Cold War was n't truly on. COME ON, how do you not write the Russian's secret hit man into that?

  5. I feel a tad hypocritical here (and in my comments on the other JFK-centric script) as I believe my X-Men:First Class script used the assassination as a backdrop.However...

    The page is well constructed and is pulled off with a nice display of brevity BUT I just feel the grassy knoll is pretty crowded at this point.

  6. Damn. I have to agree with the others. I've no problem with you using the JFK assassination, but it's such a well-known trope, you've got to do something different with it, surprise us. I did like the reasoning behind your final panel though.


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