Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Black Manta - Don't Drink The Water - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Close on Black Manta’s mask. We’re looking up at it – worm’s eye view. Is it grinning at us, or is that just a trick of the light?

Manta: How long can a man survive without water?

Panel Two.

Wider shot. We are in a dry and dusty dungeon. Manta stands in front of the open doorway, half turned away from us, reading from a handheld computer. He’s wearing a nefarious looking shoulder bag (ie. one that matches his evil outfit). We’re still looking up from down on the floor.

Manta: I googled it. Between 3 and 7 days, depending on a variety of different factors I won’t bore you with.

Manta: My research, however, was unable to find the answer to a more specific question…

Panel Three.

Switch the viewpoint. Now we’re looking from above and behind Manta, down towards where we were looking up from in the first two panels. Manta has put the computer away and is pulling a bottle of mineral water from his bag.

Down on the floor before him is a severely dehydrated Aquaman. He’s reaching up towards us, desperate for a drink, yet still defiant, refusing to be broken.

Manta: How long can an Aquaman survive without water?

Aquaman: I won’t… beg…

Panel Four.

Aquaman’s pov again. Manta has crouched down and is offering Aquaman the bottle of water, having removed the top. Drops glisten in the light.

Manta: Oh, Arthur, what sort of monster do you take me for…?

Panel Five.

Aquaman grabs the bottle and drinks greedily.

Manta stands watching, malevolent.

Panel Six.

Aquaman vomits the water back up. He can’t drink it.

Manta looks victorious.

Aquaman: Ahurrrghh!

Manta: …the kind who’d take my enemy’s native element… and make it anathema to him?


  1. Some of Manta's dialogue didn't sit right for me but for the most part this is a good page with a nice twist/reveal at the end of it.

    I now want to see the scene with Black Manta Googling though...

  2. Yes Rol, strong damn page dude. It has a dark tone to it very similar to Snyders current Batman run in my opinion, and that surely can't be a bad thing.

    I totally dig how Manta has this bad ass, cool and calm attitude going on, it makes him such a creepy villain. I would also be really interested to see Aquamans new relationship with water develop over an issue or two.

    Good work man.

  3. Dan - I accept the comment about Manta's dialogue since I don't really know the character and had to base my interpretation on what I'd read on line (just research, no actual scripts). From that, I took that he was a psycho with a major mad-on for Aquaman and just kind ran with it.

  4. Not bad, old chum. Aquaman rubs the aqua lotion on his skin.

    This is a cool concept. You've done well.

  5. Love the concept. I'm also way down with the mixture of seriousness and levity (nefarious shoulder bags? ha!).

    Manta's dialogue is maybe a little casual (Googling his master plan), but that adds a lot to the dark turn at the end, in my opinion. Anathema, indeed!


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