Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ghost Rider - At The End Of The World - Dan Hill

I went a little 'off reservation' with this one. I've always been fascinated with some of the people who had the mantle of Ghost Rider before Johnny Blaze. In fact a mini-series or a batch of one shots would be great (similar to the one Ennis did about the Civil War era Rider).

At The End Of The World

Page One (Six Panels)


Large panel. We OPEN on a tight shot of Ghost Rider atop his bike screaming across a body of water, kicking up steam as he goes.

The first thing we notice is that this isn’t Johnny Blaze. The bike is slightly different ( and the clothing is closer to what Brando wore in The Wild One.

The second thing we notice is that this Ghost Rider appears to be falling apart with bits of his blazing skull shedding and trailing behind him like ash.

RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): My name is Richard Kale.

RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): I am the Ghost Rider.



Kale has come to a stop somewhere on a stark looking beach. Everything looks dead or frozen. We’re a long way from civilization.


RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): This is a good a place as any.


Close up on Kale, his skin continuing to shed.

RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): They did something to me.


Large panel. ZOOM OUT to show a large group of HOODED ACOLYTES encircling and approaching Kale.

Kale has stepped off his bike, a small chain hanging at his side. He walks towards his enemies. He’s not afraid.

RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): Foolish zealots of Ba’al eager to please their master.

RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): They don’t understand.

RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): I’m just a safety on a loaded gun. A container.


Inset panel. Tight on Kale. Shafts of Hellfire have started to shoot out from the cracks in his face. The end is coming.

RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): It’s happening.


Large panel. Similar to Panel 1.4. Kale is near critical mass. Beams of hellfire shoot off from him in every direction, killing some of the acolytes in the process.

RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): “The Lord is a jealous God filled with vengeance and wrath.”

RICHARD KALE (CAPTION): I love you, Christina.


CAPTION: Novaya Zemlya, 30th October 1961.


  1. Strong page. You went curve ball with the character be having it not be Johnny Blaze and that was a cool approach and worked in and of itself, then the idea of a dying Ghost Rider is just so darkly poetic I hate that I didn' think of it, then finish up by slapping the read in the face with the tie into real world events.
    Tightly written, great visuals, well delivered dialogue and a truly haunting ending. 5 outta 5 for me.

  2. Your research and attention to detail never cease to amaze, Dan. You not only created a super compelling new Ghost Rider, you killed him, brought in Ba'al, and tied it all into history.

    The mind reels.

  3. Being a sucker for the 50s/early 60s setting (I'm currently read 11.22.63 - best Stephen King in years) you had me from the start. I'd love to see more of the Brando Ghost Rider.

  4. Dan - your research and ability to tie it into a character story always floors me. Well done man! Very well done.


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