Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ghost Rider - Burdens - Grant McLaughlin

Four rows of panels.  The first row is a single, thin panel stretched across the page.  The second row is comprised of three panels (2 through 4), all of equal size.  The third row is comprised of two panels (5 and 6), also of equal size.  The fourth row is again a single panel stretched across the page, but it can be a little taller than panel 1.  Frankly, rows two through four can all be, more or less, of the same height.

1 – Night time. A far shot of Ghost Rider driving across a desert road. The road stretches form one side of the page to the other. There's no light other than Ghost Rider's own fire, which is brilliant against the night's darkness.

JOHNNY BLAZE (caption): It's a lonely road being the Spirit of Vengeance.

2 – Swing down to a 3/4ish shot from behind. Still pretty far off. It looks like there's a dingy bar off in the distance.

JOHNNY BLAZE (caption) (1): Souls cry out to you for retribution.

JOHNNY BLAZE (caption) (2): And they won't stop until you've made things right.

3 – The shot is still pretty far off. Ghost Rider is pulling into the parking lot. There's only one other bike there.

JOHNNY BLAZE (caption): You can say goodbye to your hopes and dreams. This here is a full-time gig.

4 – Ghost Rider stands in the bar's doorway, silhouetted by the light coming from within.

JOHNNY BLAZE (caption): You'll never get any thanks. There's nothing glamourous about it. And you can forget about ever being a “hero”.

5 – Shot from behind Ghost Rider's flaming skull. Ghost Rider is looking down at the drink on the bar.

JOHNNY BLAZE (caption): At this point, I know what you're thinking.

6 – Close-up of Ghost Rider's hand around the aforementioned drink. The hand is, of course, on fire, slowly boiling the drink.

GHOST RIDER: Then why do it?

JOHNNY BLAZE (off-panel): Darlin'...

7 – Switch angle to a straight on shot of Ghost Rider.  There's two reveals happening in this panel.  First, the Ghost Rider we've been following throughout the page is actually Alejandra, the young woman who got the GR mantle coming out of the events of Fear Itself.  Second, she is not alone.  Johnny Blaze sits next to her, but he is without any powers, just a regular man.  Alejandra is slouching forward, tired and defeated. Johnny has his hand on her shoulder, trying to reassure her.

JOHNNY BLAZE: You do it because you're the only one who can.


  1. Really liked the the first 6 panels, it felt weirdly like the what would be the page before my script, but I was totally lost by that last panel. I might be because I've been up for nearly 20 hours. I just didn't get it.

    I did however love the visuals of the opening panel. Ghost Rider at night always looks awesome.

  2. @Shaun - Yowza. I see what you mean there. That last panel's description was both terribly rough and me trying to be too clever for my own good. I wrote the script to fake-out the reader the same way the actual, finished comics page would. Maybe not the best idea.

    Switched it up to something that will hopefully be more clear.

    1. Wow really quick turn around and only needed like two lines added to tweak the page. Works perfectly now and after re reading with the new final panel it plays out really nicely.

  3. I didn't see the original version of this so can't comment on any improvements in that department, etc.

    This is a strong page with some solid dialogue and caption work for Johnny/GR.

    Great last line too.

  4. Though I've not seen any of the post-FI GR (waiting for the trade!) I like the idea of Johnny as a mentor figure. The opening line was a little cheesy, but beyond that the dialogue was strong and hooked me in.

  5. I have never thought about the voices calling out to Ghost Rider - a constant and relentless screaming that would be ringing in his ears all day and night. Excellent work Grant.


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