Friday, February 24, 2012

Ghost Rider – Vengeance For Sale – Ryan K Lindsay


Note: This would have to be Chris Eliopoulos doing this one.

1. Ghost Rider sits behind a lemonade stand type stall made of wood. It reads: Vengeance 4 Sale. Of course, some of the E’s are backwards and it looks pathetic. He’s sitting with his elbows on the stand and his flaming face in his hands.


2. A lone and young kid rides his bike down the street. The bike has a pole with a flag at the back, there’s a card pegged into the front wheel. The whole nine yards.

3. The kid pulls up in front of Ghost Rider’s stand. Ghost Rider looks excited, optimistic.

Ghost Rider: Vengeance for sale!

4. The kid flips a coin on the stand in front of Ghost Rider.


5. The kids rides off on his bike that has been Vengeance-ified. The flag is trailing flame, the handlebars are flaming. It still looks like the kid’s original bike but it’s cutely flaming. The kid is doing his best to look hardcore while still actually being cute.

Kid: Aw, yeah!


  1. A fun little concept and worked well as a one pager. It is nice see are second child Ghost Rider of the week as well, it makes for a super awesome visual. The last bit of dialogue really sold the page to me as well.

  2. I take your Eliopoulos and raise you a Skottie Young.

    It may not be dark and gritty but this is a fun, visually dynamic page.

  3. I think that could be a lucrative sideline for Johnny Blaze. I know I'd have bought a cup of that when I was a kid.

  4. A nice, lighthearted, and cute way to close out the week, Ryan. Very nice.

  5. Naaaaaw. Cute and stuff. You old softie.


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