Friday, February 3, 2012

Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones and the Jar of Olympus - MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

(INDIANA JONES and his partner GEORGE McHALE (MAC) have stolen a plane from the USSR in an attempt to escape Soviet agents and are currently flying over Eastern Europe. However, INDIANA JONES is being forced to fly the plane since MAC was hurt and unable to use both of his arms.)

Panel 1: Close-up on a pair of SOVIET PLANES as they fire their guns.


Panel 2: Panel of INDY and MAC in the cockpit of their plane. MAC’s arm is in a sling. HIS EYES go wide as INDY takes the plane into a maneuver that no real and sane pilot would ever attempt.

INDY: Hang on!

Panel 3: Outside view of the plane, showing the maneuver INDY’s using to avoid getting the plane shot up.

MAC: $*&%@!

Panel 4: Interior Panel. MAC looks at INDY. He’s white-knuckled as he grips his seat.

MAC: I thought you said you knew how to fly!

INDY: I said I took a couple lessons!

Panel 5: Close-up on INDY’s face as he tries to concentrate on keeping the two alive.

INDY: Mostly I just learned how to land.



  1. A fun action page. With a nice piece of dialogue to end on. My only concern is how well it could be conveyed on the page that Indy is pulling off crazy piloting without actually saying so?

  2. SOme of my favourite dialogue comes from a scene similar to this in the Last Crusade.

    Henry "I didn't know you could fly"
    Indy "Fly? yes".
    Indy "Land? No".

    So my only small gripe is that we have already seen a similar scene in the movie. However, that is nothing major.

    I do think Shaun's point is a good one though - Artist would have fun with that one, I would assume.

  3. Apart from the lack of direction regarding the plane this is a solid page.

    You also chose an era that hasn't (to my knowledge) been mined yet by other media-- McHale and Indy's time with the OSS and their escapades.

  4. This put a big smile on my face, and that's allI ask of Indy. Well done on rescuing a lesser known member of the supporting cast from relative obscurity too.

  5. Once again, I must applaud you on the SFX, MK. I like that you leave the descriptions loose, leaving it up to the reader / artist to decide the best way for each panel to be constructed. I think this could look real purty in the right hands.


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