Thursday, February 2, 2012

Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones and the Measures of Austerity - Grant McLaughlin

Ugh, later than I would have liked.  Either way, here's my entry for the week.

Three rows of panels.  The first row is a single panel, the second is three panels, and the third is two.

1 – Outside shot of Marshall College. It is a nice Fall day in the mid-1930s. Students are walking about, enjoying the weather.

INDY (from within the building): What do you mean my claims are outrageous?!

2 – Interior of a college meeting room. Indiana Jones stands opposite three senior looking pedagogues: the Chancellor and two senior school officials. While Indiana Jones is in his classic professor attire, he wears the attitude he usually has on while adventuring. The three older men sit side by side with a table between them and Indy.

CHANCELLOR: We are not here to cast doubt on the authenticity of your – er-hmm – dalliances. What we are doing is questioning the school's need to continue subsidizing them.

3 – Indy moves closer, putting his hands on the table in his frustration. He is rather agitated. The two professors sitting beside the Chancellor are taken aback, but the Chancellor is unphased.

INDY: What the hell are you talking about?

CHANCELLOR (1): Doctor Jones, please control yourself.  This is not a personal attack.

CHANCELLOR (2): Our objections lie with your exorbitant expense claims.

4 – It is now Indy's turn to be taken aback. He is literally and figuratively on the back foot, unable to respond to the Chancellor's words.

INDY: What?

CHANCELLOR: While you have been off gallivanting around the world, you may have missed the fact that our nation is currently undergoing a rather serious depression. And our institution has not remained unaffected.

5 – Close up on the Chancellor.  He is reading off of a long list.  He looks somewhat unimpressed.

CHANCELLOR (1): As nice as it has been to have access to the many ancient baubles you have provided to us, it is presently beyond this school's means to continue to provide you with the funds for such disreputable and unnecessary things as “bribery” or “moat construction”.

CHANCELLOR (2): To name but a few.

INDY (off-panel): Chancellor, I can explain--

6 – A close-up of Indy. All frustration and bravado are gone. In their place is merely a shocked professor.

CHANCELLOR (off-panel): I'm afraid this is well beyond explanations. The board has reached its decision. Your fortune hunting services will no longer be required.

NEXT: Indiana Jones – FIRED?!?


  1. Grant it was really nice to see Indy in his role as Dr Jones. What I like about this page is that it is still full of pace and tension, but built up with snappy dialogue not big action.

    A really interesting look into the other side of Indy. I totally dig this.

  2. Great writing here, Grant.

    As Shaun said, it is full of character. I love the blurring of Professor Indy and Adventurer Indy. Good work.

  3. Nice page and a good angle on the financial implications of all that gallivanting around the globe.

    I guess this is where his work for the OSS would come in. Man's gotta put bread on the table!

  4. Nice concept, well executed. I want to read the next episode. Extra points for "moat construction".

  5. Thanks for the positive comments, guys! Glad to see that this one was well received - took a while to figure out what I wanted to do with Doctor Jones.


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