Friday, February 3, 2012

Indiana Jones – Learning From History – Ryan K Lindsay


1. Indy stands in front of a packed lecture theatre. He can be small, leave room to the right for the speech bubble.
Indy: While history will no doubt always remember Hulle as the man who annihilated the Moa people, there is a much more fascinating side-tale the more erudite teachers of this fine establishment won't tell you.

2. An angel and a barbarian wrestle. The barbarian, Hulle, is behind the angel with his foot between the angel's shoulder blades and his fists wrapped around the two protruding wings.
Caption-Indy: Hulle was a religious man. Well, he believed in religion.

3. Hulle stands with wings aloft in his hands, bloody stumps dripping. He’s victorious.
Caption-Indy: He saw religion as a challenge, and one he could best.
Caption-Indy: One he did best.

4. Indy describes the current status of the legend
Indy: He used the feathers of Madrox the angel as a weapon, a quill, a decoration, a conversation piece, and even an aphrodisiac.

5. Two girls in the front row squeal.
Girls in unison: Sqeeeee!


I like that Indy can border genres, to a degree. I see this tale going somewhere but could not help but have some fangirls swoon over him at the mention of anything remotely sexual.


  1. A piece that clearly shows a great understanding of the character you are dealing with. The way you blended Indy in professor mode with the swooning girls then threw in the highly visualized look at his teachings is a combined of all the things that make Indy, well Indy. The knowledge the charm with woman and the way he views history with such a passionate adventurous nature.

    Strong character piece Ryan. Also I would love that you actually committed and used Swoon as a sound effect. Golden.

  2. You say that Indy can border genres - were you a fan of the Crystal Skull? I mean, I didn't mind the classic Indy stuff, such as looking through ancient grave sites and finding hidden artefacts, but the aliens were a bit too much. I really didn't need to see a flying saucer in an Indy film.

    What I'm trying to say is that you can bend those borders, but don;t step too far outside them.

    I don't think this is what you have done here. It is much more akin to Temple of Doom, which is certainly not a bad thing.

    At least you didn't promise that there would be no CGI, and then have a CGI gopher appear after 3 FREAKING F+MINUTES INTO THE FILM.

    Yes, I'm still bitter.

  3. You have Indy's voice and the tone down pat here I think.

    It was nice to see classroom Indy too for a change.

  4. The next panel would be Harrison Ford doing that slightly embarrassed Clark Kent blush, clearing his throat, and trying to keep his cool.

    Kudos on tackling this less obvious scene, Ryan - and for the excellent title.

  5. This scene really reminds me of the classroom scenes from the movies, which is definitely not a bad thing. I also like the implication that the classroom scene would actually connect into the remainder of the story, something that I seem to remember not coming up all that often in the film.


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