Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jamie Madrox - Double Dipping - Grant McLaughlin

So I'm not actually sure if I've ever read a comic with Multiple Man in it, but like everyone else, I find his powers to be really fun to play with.  I think I have something that could more or less fit within continuity (he and Layla Miller are an item, right?).

Three rows of panels. Two equal sized panels for rows one and two. One page-wide panel for the last row. They all show the same angled shot, with panel 5 just showing more.

1 – Jamie is sitting at his kitchen table, reading a book. He is engrossed. If you think it'll add to the piece, Layla's speech balloons from off-panel can be written with a slight “musical” or “sexy” twist to them to reinforce her meaning.

LAYLA (off-panel) (1): Come to bed already, sweetie.

LAYLA (off-panel) (2): You know I have a special surprise for you.

2 – Jamie continues to read. He has not moved an inch, but he has raised his hand to snap his fingers. The snap comes after his response.

JAMIE: Be right there!

SFX (from fingers): *snap!*

3 – Jamie is still reading. His newly created dupe walks towards the bedroom where Layla is.

JAMIE DUPE: You'll have to tell me how it ends.

4 – Jamie is still reading, continuing to hold the same position from all the previous panels. No dialogue.

5 – The dupe Jamie flies by in the background, having been thrown out of the bedroom with inhuman force. He is partially undressed (but within good taste, of course). Make his positioning as wacky as you like. We're playing this one for laughs. Original Jamie is finally torn away from his book, his concentration replaced by a look of terror at his dupe's fate.



  1. So is it bad that I thought Layla was going to ask Jamie for a little....erm...'group activities'?

    The only thing I don't believe is that Jamie would pass up a tango with Layla over a book. It's just a freaking book dude, you can't spare 5 minutes?

    I've revealed too much about myself, haven't I?

    1. This may be the best comment ever posted on Thoughtballoons.

  2. 5 minutes, Ben? Did Layla want to go twice?

    I like this, it fits the natural, comedic style of David's writing on this character. Layla's voice didn't sound quite right to me, she should be more smart-alecky, even when giving the come on.

    But who among us hasn't wished for a dupe to send off to do our chores when we're engrossed in a really good book. (I'd have liked to know what that book was, Grant, I'm always a sucker for details, especially when they can be used to shed further light on character.)

  3. I'm most curious about just happened to set off Layla. I take it the dupe wasn't enough of a dupe that she recognized what Jamie was doing?

  4. This is a wonderfully lighthearted fun page, you put a smile on my face with each and every panel. It plays out like a sitcom version of the Dr Manhattan scene from Watchman. Great stuff.

  5. The first thing that entered my mind too was the Dr Manhattan scene (which probably reveals too much about me).

    However, this had a much more comedic, lighter tone. I especially liked the last panel.

  6. Grant - you play this one perfectly. I LOVE it. I thought it was going to be a little obvious but the dupe thrown was gold, but it's the line "You'll have to tell me how it ends." that won me over completely. Also shows Jamie was nearly finished the book, hence he wanted to continue.

    Oh, and like Rol, I must know what the book was.

  7. You guys need to get your minds out of the gutter. I'm looking at you, Rol and Ben!

    In all seriousness, thanks for the feedback, gents. And if you're dying to know what Jamie was reading, it was Richard Morgan's "Altered Carbon".


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