Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jamie Madrox - XX-Factor - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

The offices of X-Factor Investigations (or whatever they’re calling themselves this week). Jamie Madrox peeps his head around the door, looking pissed off. That’s all we can see in this panel.

Madrox: There’s a woman here to see you.

Panel Two.

Inside the office we see the original Jamie Madrox sitting at his desk. Which I guess means that the one we saw in the previous panel must be a dupe. That dupe is still standing in the doorway, arguing with Madrox.

Madrox (original): Show her in.

Madrox (dupe): I’m not your secretary, honey.

Madrox (original): Yes, you are. That’s why I created you this morning. While the rest of the team are in Chicago, I need someone to—

Panel Three.

The dupe holds up his hand in a “talk to the hand” gesture. The original crosses his arms impatiently.

Madrox (dupe): What-ever! She looks familiar, by the way. Can’t place her myself, but: cheap!?

Madrox (original): Well, if you can’t, I somehow doubt I’ll be able to. Not that I’ll get the chance unless you SHOW. HER. IN.

Panel Four.

The dupe storms out. Madrox sits with his chin resting on his hands, elbows on the desk. He looks grumpy.

Madrox (dupe): Huff... bitch!

CAP (Madrox): Great. I had to let my moody queen dupe out, didn’t I? It’ll be murder reabsorbing--

Panel Five.

A woman stands in the office doorway. A woman who looks slightly familiar. Just like Jamie Madrox, in fact, after a sex change. She’s not a bad looking woman. Pretty good figure on her. Her hair is shoulder length and streaked with blonde highlights. Not too heavily made up. She’s regarding Jamie with a wry smile, hands on her hips in a slightly provocative / packed with attitude pose.

CAP (Madrox): --her!?

Panel Six.

Close on Madrox, his jaw having dropped, pointing at the woman. Unlike his dupe, he knows exactly who she is.

Who… what…when… where… how… why?

Panel Seven.

Close on She-Madrox, taking a sly pleasure in his shocked reaction.

She-Madrox: Exactly who you think; gender reassignment surgery; November, 2009; L.A.; you were drunk for three whole days and didn’t notice me gone when you finally sobered up; because I’m the part of you who never felt quite right in our... old body.

She-Madrox: Now, will you take my case or what…?


  1. Messed up. Awesome, but messed up.

    Great work Rol.

  2. Well, shit--there goes my idea. I'll just have to think up something even weirder... :P

    Seriously great job--I kinda dropped X-Factor after a while, but if I heard they were doing a story like this, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. :D

  3. Great idea and brilliant use of the character. You really highlighted how different each dupe is, each one a different take on Jamie, a what if kind of character.

    That last panel is pure gold as well, I love everything about it.

  4. Nice idea and it pays of well.

    My favourite thing about this page though was the banter and dialoge between the dupe and Jamie, giving the former a distinct tone of their own.

  5. Uh, this is awesome. The idea is an all-star one, but it's the lead up that really wins me over here. The back and forth between Jamie and secretary Jamie would have been enough, but then you go and lay down a mystery from a gender-swapped Jamie. Love it.


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