Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Multiple Man – One Woman Army - MK Stangeland Jr.

(1 Panel)
The large SENTINEL army flies at the X-MEN’s Blackbird. In front of the Blackbird is an equally large air-force made up exclusively of ROGUE, having duplicated herself after absorbing the powers from the MADROX duplicate that jumped out the back of the plane. The ROGUE force is very much prepared to kick some serious SENTINEL behind.


  1. The page and concept are really cool, and I do always enjoy seeing a splash page on thoughtballoons. The one thing I would say is that its almost more of a page about rouge than anything else, even the title is in reference to her.

  2. Great splash page, but I'm going to have to agree with Shaun here - it's more of a Rouge page.

  3. MK - I DO NOT cry foul at all. Madrox is the choice for the week but that doens't mean he needs to be in every panel, obe the lead character of the script, or even appear at all. It is fine to do what you have done.

    My question now is - why Rogue? I know she can do it but why do you want her to? Why is it exciting?

  4. My thoughts on the matter are as follows:
    1) By copying Madrox's powers, it creates the potential for an untold number of mutants that could potentially have an untold number of powers, depending on what they need her to do.


    2) Since draining out a person's 'life force', she could potentially have unlimited access to those powers, much like what happened with Ms. Marvel at one point.


    3) The great twist about it is that not only is he one of the few mutants she could pull it off on without having to kill or permanently drain the person in question (since she could do it to a duplicate, leaving Madrox 'Prime' still alive and kicking without any problems), but prior evidence suggests it's something that Madrox, at least, wouldn't be opposed to, since on at least one other occasion he's created duplicates that were were intended to die. And since there's at least recently been an example of her copying others powers without much trouble, it didn't seem much of a stretch that she might do something like this if the situation was bad enough, since unlike most others, Madrox will for the large part be fine when it's all said and done.


    4) The full effect being a mutant with the potential to blend together whatever combination of powers are needed for a major situation, and then replicate those powers as needed (for example, the 'fleet' of Rogues seen in the page above).

    World being invaded by Skrulls/Kree/Shi'ar? Have her copy Colossus and Wolverine and Cyclops and whoever else you need and suddenly you have an army of superwomen. Send her up, and have them wipe out their fleet. Earth = Saved.

    Need to move a bunch of people from somewhere in a flash (or without having them all fly up above in the sky or by driving there)? Have her copy Nightcrawler/Pixie, duplicate so there's one rogue for each person you need to move, and then move them all at once in a single, giant BAMF. And so on and so forth.

    Basically, I thought the idea of using Rogue was cool. I think it holds a lot of story potential, in what cool combinations could be put together, what she could do right with it, and in what could possibly go wrong (say, for example, what happens if one of those Rogue duplicates happens to come out evil? >:-) Or if the power goes to her head? Or if the other X-Men start expecting too much of her?)

    The idea of what Rogue could do if she had Madrox's powers was one of the earliest ideas that came to me for the week, and I was just so fascinated by it that I had to do something with it. And originally, I did aim for a page that actually had Madrox in the script, but what I tried with multi-panel pages wasn't satisfying me.

    So, I decided to just do a page that I thought would have the coolest effect. And the above is the page that resulted.

    Should I probably have done something that actually featured Madrox? Probably would have been better if I could have done things that way. And I completely understand the argument that it's far more about Rogue than Madrox. It's a very valid criticism, and I don't hold it against anyone for not liking the page for that reason (nor do I think you're crying foul, Ryan).

    Even so, I'm still happy with what I've put together, and I think given a second chance, I'd still post it all the same. :-)

    Well, unless I got a good idea for an Evil Madrox page, now that I think about it...

    1. The idea of Rogue dealing with her dupes different personalities is a really strong on. The fact that hypothetically they would all be able to absorb powers as well means that if one went (pardon the pun) rogue they would be a very powerful super villain.

  5. Can everybody STOP writing Rouge when they mean Rogue!?! Jeezus beezus!

    In other news, I like the idea. I would have liked to have seen more done with it, but I grew up in the 80s when splash pages were limited to one an issue.

  6. Nice visual tying into a intriguing concept.

    I find the Rouge/Rogue interchangeability hilarious. But, I'm easily pleased.

  7. Like Shaun, I'm always happy to see splash pages on Thought Balloons. And this one is pretty intense. I'd be down for seeing how Rogue with Jamie's powers turns out.

    See also: I'm also a big fan of the rogue / rouge mixery. It was funny when it was The Warriors week, and it's still funny now. My only question is when it's going to come up next?!

    1. Whenever someone decides it's a good time for a Rogue week, perhaps?


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