Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Warriors - Home - Grant McLaughlin

Page 22

Three rows of panels.  Rows 1 and 2 each take up about a quarter of the page.  Row 3 is the remaining half.  Row 1 is made up of two panels.  Row 2 is made up of three panels.  Row 3 is a single panel.

1 – Night time. Swan leads a group of Warriors (say four or five) through a dark, dirty alley. They look determined. A Warriors tag is visible along the wall.

CAPTION: The Warriors look after their own.

2 – A lone Electric Eliminator wears a look of terror on his face. He is unconsciously raising his arms to defend himself. Shadows of the Warriors are being cast on the singular gang member.

CAPTION: That usually means going out and wasting heads.

3 – The Eliminator is full on cowering, placing his arms over his head and crouching to be smaller. However, while the Warriors are all around him, they are walking by, paying him no heed.

CAPTION: But that's not always the answer.

4 – The Warriors approach the fire escape at the end of the alley. They are in the process of climbing up, with some helping others do so. Below, the Eliminator is looking up, curious as to how he avoided the beat down he was sure he had coming to him.

CAPTION: Sometimes you need to get a different perspective on things.

5 – A ¾ angle shot from above, looking down as the Warriors attain the top of the fire escape and the building. The night time doesn't seem quite so dark as the Warriors spread out on the roof.

CAPTION: Sometimes you need to rise above things like what colour is on whose back.

6 – The sun is rising on a new day. The panel is done in silhouette. The various Warriors are visible on the roof top, looking out on Coney Island. That being said, the emphasis should be on the skyline. Various buildings and amusement park rides are visible in the distance, but the vast majority of the panel is taken up by the ocean. The sun is just starting to come out, sitting contently on the water's edge.

CAPTION: And remind yourself what's really important.


  1. Love this. Just love it. Exceptional work Grant!

  2. I love the descriptive work you've put in here, Grant, it's very visual but also quite emotive. It works even without the dialogue. Excellent stuff.

  3. Nice page and all sold through the visuals for the most part.

  4. Beautifully visual page Grant. Your descriptions are tight but say so much, really selling your ideas for the page.

    The captions also had a great voice and tone to them which only added to the page. Solid stuff.

  5. Thanks, everyone! Like Dan, I had a million ideas of where I could go with The Warriors, but once I zeroed in on this one, it just felt right. I'm glad that it seems I was able to translate the thought into a finished script. :)


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