Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Warriors - Once Were - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Two men stand on a Coney Island boardwalk, looking out to sea. We see them from behind, they’re mostly in silhouette. The sun is setting over the ocean.

Man #1: I told you, man, that was 30 years ago. I left all that behind.

Panel Two.

Opposite angle (looking in from the sea), closer so we can see their faces. The two men are Swan and Snow, former Warriors… now both in their 50s. Swan wears a business suit. Snow is wearing his old Warriors vest and colours. It doesn’t really fit anymore since he’s filled out with the old middle-aged spread, but he’s holding it together.

Swan looks at Snow through narrowed eyes. Behind them, the lights of a fairground are twinkling.

Man #1 (Swan): I thought you did too, Snowball.

Panel Three.

The discussion becomes heated. Swan looks pissed off. Snow holds his hands up, a peacemaking gesture.

Snow: You know I did, Warlord. Got a nice gig playing--

Swan: Don’t call me that, man. I ain’t no—

Snow: You’ll always be Warlord to me, Swan. After that night in the Bronx…

Panel Four.

Close on Swan, grim-faced.

Swan: Look, I don’t mind shooting the breeze with you about old times, man – but that’s all they is.

Panel Five.

Swan turns and starts walking away down the boardwalk. Snow calls after him.

Swan: Those days are gone.

Snow: For us, that's as maybe…

Panel Six.

Swan freezes in the forefront of the panel. Over his shoulder we see Snow, wiping a tired hand down his face.

Snow: But not for my kids, man.

Snow: They got ‘em, Warlord. The Rogues. They got my kids.

Snow: And you know what they want in return…


  1. Awesome page. The character interaction is solid and tight, it also feels natural and right. The visuals of Snow and Swan aging is strong one each one with a clear look, and that final cliffhanger panel is golden.

  2. Ooh, I hadn't even thought of this angle. Nice!

    Nice character work that builds nicely to that last punch.

    Is it wrong that I laughed at the visual of an elderly Snow in that get up?

  3. Despite your self-deprecation over in Ben's post, I think this is a solid page.

    I actually think it's pretty neat to do this jump ahead for a bit of a literal "where are they now?" thing going on.

    As Shaun says, this is some nice character interaction, and I also really like that cliffhanger at the end. It works particularly well in the context of a single page, but I could see it as an excellent additional motivator (apart from Snow's kids being in trouble) to the once-were Warriors. Fun stuff!

  4. Pft, easy way out my butt. You did a great job here Rol. The fact that the two are now in their 50's gives sense to the story. It fits.

  5. Is there an easy way out your butt, Ben?

    No, on second thoughts, don't answer that.


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