Friday, February 10, 2012

The Warriors – Take Back the Streets – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Two members of THE WARRIORS, HOTSHOT and GRIM (New characters, no reference) are in a sort of hideout, but it’s currently uninhabited aside from these two. They are looking towards the entrance, where they are looking at a handful of individuals who are armed with impromptu weaponry.

HOTSHOT (1): Two questions, moron.

HOTSHOT (2): Who you think you are and what business you think you got stepping foot in our territory uninvited?

Panel 2: One of the men, CALLAHAN, looks to the leader, McDONALD.

CALLAHAN: ‘Their territory’, he says.


Panel 3: The group begins to approach HOTSHOT and GRIMM.

McDONALD: We heard the gangs were getting together. Planning to take over the city.

Panel 4: HOTSHOT and GRIMM try to look tough.

GRIMM: You’re in the wrong spot to be asking about that.

CALLAHAN: You’re part of gang, aren’t ya?

HOTSHOT: Right we are! Warriors for life!

Panel 5: The group continues to close in on HOTSHOT and GRIMM.

McDONALD: Then we’re definitely in the right place. We represent an interested party that you gangs have overlooked.

HOTSHOT: Oh yeah, and what party is that?

Panel 6: The group moves in on HOTSHOT and GRIMM and prepares to attack.

McDONALD: The Concerned Citizenry of New York City!



  1. Nice to see new characters being used in the Warriors universe. Also you set up a lot of interesting questions for me as that reader that hook me in, like why are Hotshot and Grim out alone? Are they? What does McDonald mean by the gangs are getting together? Are the Warriors forming alliances?
    It is great writing to have an even flowing page which works but leaves me wanting more and in search of some answers.

  2. I really like the idea, but it doesn't quite read right to my eyes. Maybe it's the two Warriors' names, but I really got a Transformers vibe off of this piece, which kind of threw me.

  3. Citizens fighting back. Nice. Although, are they themselves becoming that which they have sworn to get rid of?

  4. Nice idea about the citizens fighting back and it certainly ties into the theme Ben speaks about his in his comment.

    I feel that the page might have worked a bit better if it was using the classic characters. New York back then was a hell of a lot worse than it is now.

    This opinion might be down to my own secret wish of seeing a gang of disgruntled New Yorkers taking the Warriors on Travis Bickle style.

  5. That worked for me, though Dan's suggested execution might have been stronger.


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