Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Warriors – Trending – Ryan K Lindsay

1. This panel runs from top to bottom and about over half of the page across. It is a Twitter feed. The trending search is #warriors Here are all the tweets, fit what you can.
Riffs4Lyf: Shit be jumpin off. #warriors
DJVOICE: You cats know where the beats be at. You listen to the street and know the #warriors need to feel the heat.
Vy0lence: Packin more than the usual 8 inches in my pants tonight, laydeez. #warriors
richardprice: They gonna be wandering what happened! #warriors
ConeYilland: Yo. #warriors #jumpinoff
Matrix: I eat Warriors for breakfast, and right now I’m very hungry! #yargh #warriors
LutherClone: #warriors #threefingerclink
walterhill: #splashpage #warriors #jumpinoff
baldies: Nobody fucks with the Baldies. Not even the #warriors
blackswan: Frame up, yo. You gotta start listening. #warriors #help
hotfuzz: Camped at 96th and Broadway. Whistle if you see them headed out way. #warriors #shutdown
dreamb0@t: Ajax is my expositional dream. #warriors

2. These three panels are stacked squares down the right hand side. This one shows Luther sitting in the back of a pimped out car, he’s looking down at his phone.

3. The DJ sits at her computerised work desk. A second screen shows her Twitter feed.

4. Swan and Ajax run down the street.

Yeah, I'm going for something different. Were the movie to be remade (and I'm not advocating that thought as a good idea) surely social media would have to be considered. I'm also interested to see if the Twitter feed page can work. I think it can, but would need more and more work. I could spend another day tweaking that feed to make it interlink and show just that bit more information while still being interesting. Hmm, another case of thoughtballoons being the experiment that doesn't have enough time to shine. Sorry :)


  1. Way to take this weeks topic in the most unexpected direction I could imagine. But it totally worked for me.

    Setting the warriors now would most definitely bring something like twitter into it. It feels right for the characters and world. I respect how experimental and unusual this page idea and layout was. Great stuff Ryan.

  2. Love it. Both probably my favorite of the week and one of my favorites I've ever seen from you. This in spite of generally not caring much about Twitter in the first place.

  3. Definitely different and I think you pull it off. The page layout is easy to visualize too (which is a challenge in itself when you break with convention) and this'd be something that'd tie into a modern day version of The Warriors.

    Great page!

  4. When I suggested The Warriors for the week, I never expected to get anything like this. In retrospect, I probably should have, but that's part of what's so impressive here. Your idea makes perfect sense, but you were the one to think of it, and the execution is top drawer.

    Love the accompanying three panels. I also love the Walter Hill and Richard Price shout outs. Golden.

  5. Yeah, well done Ryan. Love the twitter feed - I can totally see Hollywood following this line for thinking for the remake.

    Waitaminute......You have been awfully busy lately....


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