Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Ghost Rider?

Ghost Rider is one of the most visually interesting characters on the marvel rooster, from his flaming skull to the leather jacket and huge motorbike. He is pulp at its best, and yet he is always over looked.

His comic series have had ups and downs and even with this week’s release of the Ghost Riders second go at making it on the big screen. I sadly see little hope for our flaming hero having the same silver screen success as those other guys, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Peter Parker, you may have heard of them. This is a crying shame. So much potential lies in this material.

So it falls to us, the writers of Thought-balloons to show the world why Ghost Rider deserves their attention as much as those other heroes. Are you up to the challenge?

What with the him being the earthly embodiment of hellfire and vengeance, plus a motorcycle riding stuntman to boot it shouldn’t be to hard to showcase how awesome Johnny Blaze is.

So mount up and ride out.

It’s time to burn some rubber and set the world ablaze.


  1. Ghost Rider: Who Ya Gonna Call?

    1) Ghost Rider being zapped by an energy weapon from off-panel. He is in pain, head thrown back.


    2) Ghost Rider on his hands and knees, exhausted, smoke rising from him.


    VOICE (O.P.): That's what you get when you mess with the best, pal.

    3) Ghost Rider, enraged, reaches up for his off-panel attackers, still on his knees.

    GHOST RIDER: Rrrrrrrr...

    VOICE (O.P.): You can try and scare us all you like, but...

    4) Large panel. Back of Ghost Rider's head. In front of his are the Ghostbusters.

    GHOSTBUSTERS (UNISON): We ain't afraid of no ghost!


    Yeah, I've never read a Ghost Rider comic in my life, but this popped into my head and I couldn't resist.

    1. As a one pager this works well. Three panels of nice build up and a fun fourth panel revile that actually made me laugh. Good stuff.

      The only thing I'll say is the title kind of gave away the fun premise of the piece which took a bit of the punch out of the last panel.

    2. Why am I not reading this crossover right now? Seriously--WHY.

      Good job. :)

    3. Ha, nice. I like seeing how people interpret characters whom they have never read. It often gives you a different take on a character. This one totally has. Thanks JD!

  2. The title gives it all away, but it's still a fun page to go through nonetheless. Who doesn't love bustin' ghosts?

  3. So I heard that in the new movie the Ghost Rider is able to turn any vehicle he uses into a vehicle from hell and then took it to it's inevitable conclusion...

    Page (__) -- 4 Panels

    _.1: We see from the perspective of the hood of a car. Inside is a group of four bank robbers, dressed in what bank robbers usually wear--jeans, t-shirts, ski masks and the like. What’s different about them are the weapons they’re using--at first glance they might look like normal shotguns, but you can see that they’re twisted, contorted, almost like living beetles shaped like guns. The driver is staring in front, intent with a bit of a crazed air about him. The passenger driver is freaking out more than a little bit, can barely contain himself in the seat. The other two in the backseat are clenching huge gym-bags stuffed with money.

    PASSENGER SIDE THIEF: Come on man, floor it!

    PST: Did you see who that was?

    PST: That was freaking GHOST RIDER, man!

    DRIVER: Yeah, but did you see those guns at work?

    DRIVER: We trashed his bike! Told you those things were forged from the pits of Hell.

    _.2: Behind the car, we can see the group, but the focus is on the rear-view mirror. There’s a small, bright light coming towards them.

    DRIVER: Without his ride, the bony son of a bitch couldn’t ever catch up with us. We’re home--

    _.3: Now the light is reflecting even closer in that rear-view mirror, burning bright and almost right on top of them, illuminating all of them. The driver’s eyes have shifted to look into the mirror, the front passenger’s head is fully turned around and he’s almost lost it in his fear. The other two have noticed and have different looks of shock and fear on their face as well.

    DRIVER (small words): Free...

    _.4: We see what was behind them--the Ghost Rider, on top of a massive Segway, agumented in the same way as his usual motorcycle--sharp, armor-like plating around, a skull in the middle of the handlebars, fire burning around the wheels and lighting the road aflame. The Ghost Rider’s jaw is open wide in a cruel parody of a laugh.


    1. Jay I was so into your script until that reveal in the last panel. I would have so loved it to have been a cool more serious reveal. Maybe Ghost Rider in a vengeance filled cop car or something. It was tightly written and pretty well paced, just the segway ending was not for me.

    2. Sorry about that--it was meant to be a comedic piece, since I thought that ability that I saw had such a potential. Next character I'll be sure to do something more serious/badass. :)

    3. No need to be sorry man, the script totally worked it was just a personal preference thing mate.

    4. I'm with Shaun on this one. I was actually expecting a flaming horse or somesuch.


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