Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why Jamie Madrox?

Because Peter David's X-Factor is a consistently enjoyable book and Jamie Madrox is one of my favourite mutant characters. He's a grumpy gumshoe detective (for those of you who dig the noir) who can't help getting dragged into mysteries involving the whole of the Marvel Universe. He has a very complicated love life. And some of the most argumentative, contrary and downright obnoxious teammates in comics.

Add to this his unique duplicating super power - every dupe having its own distinct personality, many of whom just don't want to go back into Madrox-prime once they finally get out - and you have an endless string of storytelling possibilities. Here's a character who can truly be anything you want him to be... as well as being himself. Go crazy.


  1. Jamie Madrox: Multiple Men, One Mind

    Background: While investigating a case, Madrox is struck by mysterious energy, and splits into several dupes.

    1) Close-up of Madrox picking himself up off the ground. He has been lying face-down.

    MADROX (CAP): Alright, Jamie, not the first time you've been suckered...

    MADROX (CAP): Just pick yourself up and--

    2) Madrox 2's POV. He is watching Madrox Prime get up, his back to us.

    MADROX (CAP): But, wait... I'm already standing up...

    3) Madrox 3 lying face up. We are looking down on him.

    MADROX (CAP): No... I'm still lying down... I can feel it. Feel the dirt on my hands... But my hands are clean...

    4) Madrox Prime in the foreground, several dupes in the background, some standing, some lying down. They all (including Prime) are clutching their heads in mild pain.

    MADROX (CAP): What the heck...?

    5) Large panel. Go for some kind of multiple POV split-screen effect to suggest that all Madroxes are now mentally linked to each other.

    MADROX (CAP): Oh no.


    (I don't know that much about Madrox, but this is an idea I had for a superhero character who could duplicate but shared a very confusing collective consciousness with his duplicates.)

  2. Love that idea, JD, I'm surprised Peter David hasn't given it (or something similar) a shot.

  3. I agree with Rol. Great premise here JD and you have executed it very well. Clear and concise. Well done!

  4. Thanks guys! Would take a damn good artist to pull off panel 5 though.

  5. J.D I have to echo everyone else on this one. I love the idea loads. Its a really great premise for the character and could lead to some many great moments.

    Your script is super tight and whilst you're right, it would take a great artist to pull off panel five it would be so worth it.

  6. Nice idea J.D. You could go wild with the concept too and execute some really nifty panel and page layouts.

  7. That's some fancy thinking there, J.D. This could be a very interesting take on Jamie Madrox, and I really like the way you start the whole thing off, giving the reader a pretty good idea of what's wrong, but still making them work a bit to get the whole picture. Nice stuff.


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