Monday, March 26, 2012

Black Widow - Day Job - Ryan K Lindsay

Page 22 - 2 Panels

1. Nearly a full splash page. The Eiffel Tower is taking up most of the background - and it is also exploding on two of the legs and so it's all leaning over to one side. Swooping through the air toward us on a string line is the Black Widow. We have no idea what the line is attached to - it doesn't matter.

Caption: In and out.

2. A small and wide panel down the bottom. The Widow walks away through the crowd, she now has a trenchcoat on and is dipping a relatively large hat.

Caption: Just another day.

Whew, another last minute script. I have to say, I feel like the last line kind of lifts this one a little - but probably not enough. I totally see this in Gene Colan's line.


  1. Decent opening visual and the second panels captions is a nice beat. I just didn't feel much for the page I'm afraid.

  2. It does fit the Gene Colan/Daredevil vibe and it's kind of visually interesting.

    Solid but, like Shaun, I didn't really feel it.

  3. I think I'm more into this one than my esteemed colleagues. You hang this piece on that money shot image, and I'm willing to go with it - I'd be danged happy to see the Eiffel Tower getting blowed up in a comic while the hero swings away effortlessly.

  4. You maybe are relying on the artist to carry this page, but I definitely got a Colan vibe from the image in my mind.


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