Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black Widow - Ladies Night - Dan Hill

I struggled with this one too I'm afraid.

Panel 1


We OPEN in a dark corridor in a faceless military facility and a CLOSE UP on a GUARD slumped unconscious against the wall, partly hidden in the shadows.

NATASHA (CAP): “Secrets don’t stay in the shadows forever”


We ZOOM OUT to show the more of the corridor. The bodies of several unconscious GUARD’s are strewn all over it. In the ceiling is an open vent cover.

NATASHA (CAP): “Sleeping giants wake.”


CUT TO a TIGHT SHOT on NATASHA in the vent. She wears a black bodysuit and peers through a cover into the room below.

NATASHA (CAP): Empires rise--


CUT TO Natasha dropping into the room below. The dark room is bathed in an eerie dark red light coming from an unseen source off panel.

NATASHA (CAP): --fall--


TIGHT on Natasha. Snarky.

NATASHA (CAP): -- and rise again.

NATASHA: Ladies...


Wide panel. We are slightly above Natasha now-- a CRANE shot. She is encircled on all sides by teenage girls dressed in all in one black bodysuits similar to hers.

CAPTION: The Red Room, Moscow.

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  1. This page grabs my interest, but it's both a little too much and not quite enough. The questions you're asking towards the end of the script are what I find really interesting. I want to have a bit more of an idea of what's going there, and I feel like you could trim the beginning to offer a bit more space for the idea to develop.


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