Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black Widow - Loyalty – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Issue takes place prior to BLACK WIDOW’s defection from USSR. At present, she is meeting with a higher ranking agent, AGENT SMIRNOFF at a high-class restaurant.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: AGENT SMIRNOFF and BLACK WIDOW (in professional eveningwear as agent ROMANOVA) are at their table. Their food is delivered to them.

AGENT SMIRNOFF: Regardless, our superiors are beginning to question your results as of late.

ROMANOVA: They are aware of the task assigned to me, correct?

AGENT SMIRNOFF: Yes, they are aware of the difficulties presented by Mr. Stark and his ‘associate’.

Panel 2: AGENT SMIRNOFF preps his napkin before he eats.

AGENT SMIRNOFF: Which is why you specifically were assigned to this task. You are among the most capable employees our organization employs. You would not have been assigned to this matter if they were not fully aware of the situation.

Panel 3: AGENT SMIRNOFF cuts into his food.

AGENT SMIRNOFF: But they also expect results. At present, they question whether your record is as clear as it appears.

Panel 4: ROMANOVA takes a bite of her food as she listens to AGENT SMIRNOFF.

AGENT SMIRNOFF: However, they would be more understanding if they weren’t suspicious of your involvement of this Mr. Barton.

Panel 5: ROMANOVA puts her napkin to her lips as she digs for more information

ROMANOVA: I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about.

Panel 6: AGENT SMIRNOFF doesn’t look at ROMANOVA as he responds, instead focusing on his food.

AGENT SMIRNOFF (1): Of course you do.

AGENT SMIRNOFF (2): Our superiors suspect you might be getting too close to him.



  1. I liked the atmosphere and tone set by this page. It had a kind of 60's spy movie vibe.

  2. Like Dan, I dig the atmosphere that you build over the course of the page. I'm particularly fond of how Agent Smirnoff doesn't even look up when revealing the concerns of their superiors. Nice nonchalance going on there.

  3. You tackle an area of Natalia's history that I don't think has ever been covered, certainly not by contemporary writers, and it's one that - as you show - has a lot of story potential. I couldn't quite get past the agent's surname though: a little too jokey for such an otherwise serious character.

    1. I can't say I put much thought into the name. I was running close to the deadline, I needed a Russian name, and picked the first one that came to mind. Odds are that if I were writing this for an actual book, I'd probably go back and pick out a better name for him.


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