Monday, March 26, 2012

Black Widow – Some Assembly Required, Page 4- Ben Rosenthal


1. Black Widow has been sent flying back by an unseen force.

CAPTION: 3 minutes ago.

CAPTION (Black Widow)


2. The widow has been slammed against a wall.

CAPTION (Black Widow)

He just swatted me away. Like a fly.

3. The Widow has come to rest against the wall. We are looking at her front on. Her head is down, and we can see a slight trickle of blood down the side of her mouth.

CAPTION (Black Widow)

So to you I must be a fly. Then you are the spider?

4. The Iron Man armour, holding Cap’s shield is walking towards Thor and Mjolnir.

CAPTION (Black Widow)

Stop me if you have heard this joke.

In America, the spider eats the fly.

5. Same as Panel 3, however the widow is looking up at us, a smirk on her face. We can see a device in her hand, flat with an LED timer on it. It is a small explosive device.

CAPTION (Black Widow)

In Soviet Russia, the fly eats you.


  1. Building up really well Ben. I have been totally into your ongoing story over the last few weeks, you have hit a lot of nice page turn beats and made me want more.

  2. Nice build in the overall narrative and that last line is great.

  3. Another excellent addition to your ongoing narrative, Ben, and another great look at Natasha's character. Also, points for Yakov Smirnoff references. Always a good thing.


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