Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Black Widow – Spiderbait – Rol Hirst

Panel One.

A luxury Manhattan hotel room, seen from outside. Curtains blow in the breeze of the open window. Behind those curtains, two figures are silhouetted – the Black Widow and Peter Parker. The Widow stands before Peter’s silhouette. She is unzipping the front of her costume.

Peter: This is some weird spider-thing, right? I mean, you never showed any interest in me before…

Panel Two.

We’re inside the hotel room now. We’re looking over Peter’s shoulder. He’s wearing his Spider-Man costume but not his mask. The Widow is holding that. Her costume is now unzipped to mid torso, showing plentiful cleavage. She’s smiling seductively.

The hotel room is set up for romance. Champagne cooling, subdued lighting, candles. Maybe some rose petals scattered over the sheets of the four poster bed.

Peter's spider-sense is tingling.

Natalia: You were with someone else. Though I’ve always believed in going after that which I desire, I won’t choose to harm a happy relationship…

Natalia: Especially if there’s another redhead in the equation.

Panel Three.

The widow rests her arms on Peter’s shoulders, drawing him close. She’s still holding his mask, behind his head now. She’s staring in deep in the eye. Peter is embarrassed. His spider-sense is still tingling.

Peter: See, I don’t know if my spider-sense is tingling now because of your entomological reputation…

Peter: …I’m worried about the freaky age difference…

Peter: …or, um, y’know, I'm just afraid of getting beaten up by a jealous Winter Soldier… Daredevil… Hawkeye… Herc—

Panel Four.

The Widow kisses Peter passionately. His spider-sense goes wild. She drops his mask.

Panel Five.

The kiss continues. The tingles of Peter’s spider-sense diminish in intensity.

Panel Six.

The kiss ends, though Natasha’s face remains close to Peter. They’re both smiling now. Peter’s spider-sense is no longer tingling.

Peter: Woo. No more tingling. Not from up there, anyway…

Panel Seven.

We’re watching the scene through a CCTV camera now, from elsewhere: a dark, secret-agent monitor room. A shadowy figure is watching the monitor (possibly O/P).

CAP: Stage one complete. The Widow’s kiss has neutralised the subject’s inbuilt defences. Begin stage two…


  1. Funny, well paced, great build up and a finally panel hook I did not see coming. Bloody brilliant page and concept. I'd love nothing more than to see where this would go next.

  2. This is a great page. I love Peter's dialogue here and the very concept of his spider-sense going off as she leans in for the kiss is fantastic.

  3. Love this one. Peter's dialogue is my favourite thing here. You perfectly capture how awkward / overtalky he can get when uncomfortable and manage to unleash some hilarious lines from him, so that's a win. I also liked the kiss neutralizing idea. It did give me a bit of a flashback to Poison Ivy in the Batman and Robin movie, but that's neither here nor there.

  4. There's nothing wrong with the script itself here, but the concept seems off. It's no doubt just me, but it doesn't feel like it fits Spider-Man's character right.


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