Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Black Widow - Standing Corrected - Grant McLaughlin

Page 4

Panel layout isn't the most important.  Just make sure that the last panel is of big enough size to do the image justice.

1 – Same panel that finished last week's page (check that here, should you misremember). Natasha wears that same expression of disbelief and disdain, but she is finally able to muster a response to Clint's ridiculousness. Also of note, the clock, which is outside Natasha's filed of vision, appears to be starting to transform into a small clockwork creature.

BLACK WIDOW: Do you ever stop to think about anything you do or say?

2 – Shot of Clint. He has drawn and nocked an arrow, aiming in Natasha's general direction.  The angle is mostly from behind him, giving a good view of Natasha and the newly forming clockwork creature. Unable to see what Clint's aiming at, Natasha is confused and a little surprised. The clockwork creature is jumping from the wall towards Natasha.

HAWKEYE: Rarely.

3 – A thin panel. It is entirely black and the only thing in it is the sfx, which is written down vertically.

SFX: ka-thunk!

4 – Shot of the half-transformed clockwork creature. It has been pierced by Clint's arrow, which went straight through its middle and now pins it to the wall. The sfx can really go anywhere, but make it clear it is coming from off-panel.

BLACK WIDOW (off-panel): What is that?

HAWKEYE (off-panel): It's what I've been trying to warn you about!

SFX: clong

5 – Natasha is closely examining the broken clockwork creature. Clint isn't really paying attention. He's distracted by the sound, looking around to try to pinpoint its source.

BLACK WIDOW: I'll be honest with you, Clint. This is definitely strange, but it doesn't look all that dangerous.


CLINT (quietly): What's that noise?

6 – The Hulk bursts through the wall, fighting off a pair of much larger clockwork creatures. Each one is easily of equal size to Hulk. From Hulk's battered appearance, it is clear that the clockwork creatures have the upper hand. Fortunately for Natasha and Clint, the wall breakery is happening just next to them as opposed to directly into them. Nevertheless, the two instinctively put up their arms to protect themselves from the crashing debris.



  1. Again, like Shaun's script I'm not sure if this script plays or centres on what makes Natasha cool or interesting as a character.

    I think it gives us more insight into Clint's character (you sum his character up nicely with the dialogue you give him) though.

    As part of an ongoing narrative though it's great. Progresses the plot and action nicely.

  2. Extra points for "wall breakery". Joss Whedon would be proud.


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