Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hawkeye – Don't Look Back In Anger – Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Inset in panel 2. Clint Barton sits on a creaky wooden chair. He is wearing casual clothes and looking straight at us as he talks. Spotlight on him, long shadows behind. He’s fidgeting with his hands, looking a little grumpy.

Clint: You might say, when I first picked up a bow…

Panel Two.

Flashback. Hawkeye in his original costume, firing acid arrows at clunky, early-armoured Iron Man (the version with big screws in the face-plate). The arrows are rusting the suit as they hit its weak spots.

CAP (Clint): …I was an angry young man.

Panel Three.

Inset in panel 4. Out of flashback. Close on Clint, pointing a defiant finger at us.

Clint: But you ask me, since then, I’ve more than made up for any youthful indiscretions…

Panel Four.

Flashback montage.

In the central image, Hawkeye walks away from a group of dumbfounded Avengers. A classic “I quit!” moment.

In another image, Hawkeye punches Daredevil while a shocked Black Widow looks on.

In another, Hawkeye is embroiled in a furious argument with Gyrich.

In another, Hawkeye breaks a bunch of arrows that are green in colour while a surprised arrowsmith looks on. (Dialogue: Green? I asked for purple! Who the $%@& shoots green arrows!?)

In another, Hawk yells at his equally enraged wife, Mockingbird.

CAP (Clint): OK, so there might be the... occasional moment when my temper still gets the better of me...

Panel Five.

Out of flashback. A middle-aged hippy woman leans across and rests her hand on Clint’s hand, giving him a calming smile. Clint is wrinkling his nose: not a happy camper.

Woman: But that’s why you’re here, Clint. You’ve made a tremendous step in acknowledging your feelings, and now…

Panel Six.

Pull out to reveal the larger scene: a self-help group – a circle of chairs occupied by Hawkeye, the hippy woman, Bruce Banner, Logan, Ben Grimm, Namor and Angar The Screamer. None of them (with the exception of the hippy, who obviously has her work cut out for her) look particularly happy to be there.

A sign pinned to the wall behind Namor’s head reads: Anger Management / Tuesday / 7 – 9pm / All Welcome.

Clint looks around the group as he runs fingers through his hair.

Woman: …we’re here to help you on the rest of your journey.

Clint: Hoo, boy!


  1. An off beat idea played straight and with an interesting montage. You mad me laugh with the green arrow gag, made me think about Hawkeyes past and pulled me in for the reveal at the end all in one page. Its black magic if ever I saw it. Wonderful page Rol.

  2. A fun script with some nice visuals (especially the last reveal).

    The self help group evoked memories of the card game from Slott's awesome 'The Thing' run.

    Nice work.

  3. A nice, deceptively simple script here, Rol. Like Shaun, I enjoy how you play it straight, slowly pulling back (literally and figuratively) to reveal that things aren't quite as serious as they might first appear. I also quite enjoy the choice of participants. Fun stuff.


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