Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hawkeye- God's And Legends -Dan Hill

Like Ryan, I couldn't really find a way 'in' for Clint. In the end I tried to get across that this guy brushes shoulders with titans with only a quiver and his nerve at hand.

Page ?

We OPEN on a TIGHT shot of HAWKEYE in costume as he sits in one of the Quinjet’s passenger seats.

HAWKEYE (CAP): “They always ask me how I walk alongside ‘God’s and Legends’.”

CUT TO BLACK WIDOW sitting in the seat across from Clint’s in her black bodysuit. She smiles wickedly.

HAWKEYE (CAP): “They’re not so different.”

HAWKEYE (CAP): “Divorcee.”

We CUT TO TONY STARK, in the seat in front of Black Widow’s. He wears his armour, sans helmet. He’s in the middle of telling a joke, laughing.

HAWKEYE (CAP): “Daddy issues.”

We CUT TO THOR sitting in the seat in front of Clint’s. He looks calm and collected.

HAWKEYE (CAP): “Sibling rivalry.”

CUT TO CAPTAIN AMERICA in the pilots chair. He’s all business, but allows himself a small smile at Tony’s joke.

HAWKEYE (CAP): “A sense he doesn’t belong.”

Wide panel. CUT TO a CLOSE UP on Hawkeye in the cargo bay the of the Quinjet. The bay doors are opening up in front of him, sending a strip of sunlight across his eyes.

HAWKEYE (CAP): “We all have our weaknesses.”

Wide panel. CUT TO outside the Quinjet as Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow jump down towards us-- the money shot.

HAWKEYE (CAP): “But we still do what we do.”

ALL: Avenger’s assemble!


  1. I do always love a page that looks into a characters thoughts. You captured what is meant to be an avenger overcoming personal weakness or issue for the greater good of what must be done. Also the 'money shot' would be a strong visual to go out on.

  2. For a guy who couldn't get into Clint's headspace, I think you did a pretty fine job here, Dan. Clint's diagnoses of his teammates are simple, but spot on, and speak a lot about who he is as a person, which I totally dig. My only qualm with this piece is that I'm not totally feeling that final "Avengers Assemble". I know it's a classic, but I feel that the caption alone has a lot more strength to it.

  3. Yeah, I think you got into Clint's head pretty well here, Dan. (Unlike you and Ryan, I'd been itching for a crack at him as he's long been a favourite character of mine.) I liked the fact that each of the "weaknesses" he observed were things he has experience of himself.


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