Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hawkeye - If Memory Serves - Grant McLaughlin

Page 3

So the first two pages of my Avengers story have been a little on the silly side. This one will be no different.

Three rows of panels. Two panels per row. They don't all need to be the same size. Have panel 1 be bigger than panel 2, panel 4 bigger than panel 3, and panel 5 bigger than panel 6.

1 – An outside shot of Avengers Mansion to establish the scene's location.

HAWKEYE (from within): BW, we've got a serious problem on our hands!

2 – Interior. Hawkeye and Black Widow are in one of the rooms. It doesn't really matter which one. Hawkeye looks really worried; Black Widow looks exasperated and annoyed.  There's a clock hanging on the wall.

HAWKEYE: We've got to call everyone in and get them assembled asap!

BLACK WIDOW: Clint, do you remember how things turned out last time you said that?

3 – Hawkeye takes on a serious, pensive look, putting one hand to his chin in the classic “thinking” pose. A thought bubble is forming from his mind. The tail connects to panel 4, which is where his thought begins. Both panels 4 and 5 are bordered by the classic thought balloon cloud pattern to show that they are Hawkeye's thoughts.

HAWKEYE: Let me see...

4 – The next two panels would ideally be rendered in true Chris Giarruso-style (like he's done in the Mini Marvels backups and his own G-Man stories). Hawkeye stands outside with a small, stylized Avengers Mansion in the background. Before him are Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. They are brimming with excitement and are all looking at Hawkeye in an impressed manner.

CAPTAIN AMERICA (1): Thank goodness you assembled us, Hawkeye! Your quick thinking saved everyone and everything! You single-handedly stopped all the bad guys and evil forever and we could never have done it without you!

CAPTAIN AMERICA (2) (quieter): You're also way cooler and better looking than I could ever hope to be.

5 – Cap, Thor, and Iron Man are now raising Hawkeye above their heads and cheering him. Everyone seems super overjoyed. The thought balloon part of this panel where it connects with panel 6 should be a cloud disappearing – the “memory” is ending.

ALL: You're the best, Hawkeye!

ALL (across the bottom of the page): HAWKEYE! HAWKEYE! HAWKEYE!

6 – Only Natasha is visible. She is looking towards the off-panel Clint, equal parts disbelief and disdain on her face.  The clock is still visible.  No dialogue.


  1. It got a laugh out of me. Thumbs up!

    Also, the panel descriptions were dead on in this one, selling the humour nicely.

  2. Mr Dan Hill has summed up all my thoughts nicely. You gave me a good laugh and something really enjoyable to read, really well written page Grant.

  3. That was fun, and played well on Hawk's arrogance. It's a tiny point, but I'm not sure you need the "Let me see..." in panel 3: the visual describe gives us everything we need to drop the dialogue completely in that panel.


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