Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hawkeye – Old Man Barton – MK Stangeland Jr.

(For reference, this takes place in the same universe as Millar’s Old Man Logan alternate reality storyline, but several years prior to the events of the main story.)

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: KARLA SOFEN, MOONSTONE (in what passes for ‘civilian’ garb) stands with her arms crossed in front of her as she looks at HAWKEYE sitting in her chair. She’s not pleased to see him. She’s even less pleased that HAWKEYE is sitting in HER chair.

HAWKEYE: I’m here to ask for your help, Moonstone. One Thunderbolt to another.

Panel 2: KARLA SOFEN advances towards HAWKEYE.

KARLA SOFEN: No, Barton. The Thunderbolts don’t exist anymore. They died with everyone else.

HAWKEYE: You’re still here.

Panel 3: HAWKEYE stands up out of the chair, fairly certain that if he didn’t, KARLA would throw him out of it anyway. He points at KARLA SOFEN as she reaches him.

KARLA SOFEN: Because I was smart. I got out while it was still an option.

HAWKEYE: And as much as I hate you for abandoning us, I’m willing to look past it if you’ll help me now.

Panel 4: HAWKEYE has his arms out as he tries to make his case.

HAWKEYE (1): The Thunderbolts aren’t all dead yet.

HAWKEYE (2): Neither are the Avengers.

HAWKEYE (3): As long as we still live, we can still carry out their legacy.

HAWKEYE (4): The world can still be avenged as long as…

Panel 5: KARLA SOFEN grabs HAWKEYE by the throat.

HAWKEYE: *guagck!*




  1. You had me at Old Man Logan. This page is tight and fits in perfectly with the World set up in Old Man Logan. The dialogue is well paced and tight, and you end on a brutal and harsh note again perfect for this world.

  2. Interesting hook/concept and there's some nice interplay between the two characters.

  3. I've never read any Old Man Logan, but I like the tone you've picked up here, MK. I also appreciate how much info you manage to get across without the script coming across as simply exposition. This feels like an honest moment between Hawkeye and Moonstone that has some major baggage behind it. Well done.


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