Monday, March 19, 2012

Hawkeye - Precision - Ryan K Lindsay


1. Hawkeye stands atop Avengers Tower, his bow is trained out into the horizon, his arrow is loaded.
Caption1: "Clint has been on the roof for hours."

2. Clint shoots the arrow out into the distance.

Caption: "Is he actually having any success?"
Caption2: "I don't want to cover some law suit because a bus driver takes one of his arrows to the face while taking a bunch of school kids back to the orphanage."

3. Clint is grabbing another arrow from his quiver.

Caption1: "Every single arrow is accounted for with the tracking software and not one has been wasted. Nothing below a felony, we can most likely recover the arrows from Saint Vincent's tomorrow."

4. Clint aims the arrow right at us.

Caption2: "So...he's upset but at least he's taking it out on criminals and not us."
Caption1: "You mean, not you."

Yeah, I pretty much don't get Clint Barton as a character.  I do not see the allure. I got an idea that him slinging arrows off the building into the NYC skyline and still nailing only criminals might be fun. And it is fun, but even I don't care.

Man, all I can say!


  1. This is just what the site should be used for Ryan. It is a simple little idea which works well for the character. It is easy to put across and only needs the one page, no more no less. Good little script.

  2. I'm with you on this one, Ryan. I found it hard to find an in to the character, though I guess I do see his appeal.

    That said, the script had some elements of humour that stood out. Not excellent, but not bad either.

  3. Hmm. Looks like Blogger swallowed the comment I put here a moment ago. Bah!

    Like you, Ryan, I don't really 'get' Hawkeye (though I do see his appeal).

    That said, the script here did have some humour in it. Not great. But not bad either.

  4. Despite your lack of enthusiasm for Clint (and I can't blame you on that one), I think this is a solid little page. It's a simple concept, but I admire your execution here. It's restrained, with just enough offered to pique the reader's interest. It's that final line that does it for me.


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