Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hawkeye – Some Assembly Required, Page 3 - Ben Rosenthal


1. Hawkeye steadies himself against a crumbling wall, as seen on Nick Fury’s monitor. His left arm holds his bow, his right hanging by his side, dislocated.

CAPTION: 5 minutes ago.

CAPTION (Hawkeye)

I don’t have super human strength.

I am not a God, and the last thing I invented was an avocado and banana cheese smoothie.

2. Hawkeye is looking at the wall he is leaning on, thinking.

CAPTION (Hawkeye)

But I work hard. I train.

3. Hawkeye is slamming his dislocated shoulder into the building, trying to force it back into place

CAPTION (Hawkeye)

And I refuse-

4. Hawkeye is slamming his shoulder against the wall once again, this time with more force.

CAPTION (Hawkeye)

-to be looked over-

5. Hawkeye has slammed his shoulder into the wall one last time, with a huge amount of force. Part of the wall has crumbled away




CAPTION (Hawkeye)


6. Hawkeye is now standing under his own weight. His shoulder has been knocked back in place. He grimaces as he reaches for a bow from his quiver.

CAPTION (Hawkeye)

Not any more.


  1. A very nice character piece slid into your ongoing Avengers tale. The captions are nice and have a little sense of humor to them as an under current which fits Hawkeye to a t. Really digging this story of yours Ben. Four stars from me mate.

  2. I had a hard time finding an 'in' to Hawkeye but what I eventually settled upon is pretty much what's put across here-- the guy without powers, the one who never gives up despite that fact.

    Another solid script.

  3. I'm a little after the fact, but that's never stopped me before. I really like this page. It's an excellent examination of Hawkeye's character that also fits perfectly into the overall story that you've been telling. "Some Assembly Required" is getting better every week as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Like it, Ben, you capture Clint's determination, bull-headedness and humour. I did wonder if "I refuse to be looked over" should have been "ovelooked" though?


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