Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jamie Madrox- Soul Food - Dan Hill

We OPEN inside Jamie’s office at X-Factor Investigations. Jamie sits on his side of the desk, idly re-arranging trinkets, not really paying attention.

JAMIE: What can I do for you, Mr--?

MARLOWE (OFF): Marlowe.

CUT TO the man sat opposite him, MARLOWE. Marlowe is in his late twenties-- expensive hair cut, slick suit. One gets the impression both were bought with the profits of stabbing people in the back.

MARLOWE: I’ll cut to the chase. We’re both busy men.

MARLOWE: Contrary to popular belief Mr Madrox the spirit realm has finite resources.

Marlowe leans back in his chair,casually.

MARLOWE: A set number of souls, flitting from one life to the next.

TIGHTER on Marlowe.

MARLOWE: All claimed by one side or the other.

MARLOWE: Balance, Mr Madrox. Order.

Jamie, incredulous. He doesn’t understand any of this.

JAMIE: Wait, I--

Large panel. CLOSE UP on Marlowe, smirking.

MARLOWE: You’ve upset the apple cart. The house is in danger of losing. We like that.

MARLOWE: So, with that in mind, my employer would like to make you an offer...


  1. Really nice page Dan. Moody and with a vibe of something dark to it. The dialogue is tight and has character. Great job.

  2. Damn, Dan. This page is very tight and very intriguing. I like Marlowe - not what I expected from the name, and I like what you hint at. It's a good thought behind Madrox's abilities.

  3. You had me at Marlowe... though like Ryan, I was expecting something else. Still, this'd be exactly the kind of nonsense Jamie would find himself caught up in and it'd be fun to find out more.

  4. Ooo. Nice idea and better switch up at the end of it. Marlowe reminds me a bit too much of Heart of Darkness, but I'd be more than willing to put that aside to follow this to its conclusion.


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